author Timothy Nikkel <>
Thu, 14 Mar 2019 14:32:37 -0500
changeset 522000 355c9ff9b895
parent 505068 0ce8f2b44c74
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Bug 1526717. Guard against libpng calling the info callback more than once. r=aosmond libpng uses the first IDAT chunk it encounters as a signal that it has read all header chunks and to send the info callback. The testcase png has an IDAT chunk, then a z chunk (not a known chunk type), and then another IDAT chunk. libpng tracks if we are in an "after idat" state, and throws a benign error if it encounters another IDAT chunk in "after idat" mode, but it just continues normally, processing the idat chunk as if it were the first and therefore sends the info callback again. This seems silly.

# Bug 668068 - Maximum (256) width and height icons that we currently interpret as 0-width and 0-height.
load 256-height.ico
load 256-width.ico

load 83804-1.gif
load 89341-1.gif
load 463696.bmp
load 570451.png
# Bug 1390704 - Skip on debug because it triggers a quadratic behavior that makes it take
# so much time that it can trip on the reftest timeout of 5 minutes.
skip-if(Android||isDebugBuild) load 694165-1.xhtml
load 681190.html
load 732319-1.html
load 844403-1.html
load 856616.gif
load 944353.jpg
load 1205923-1.html
# Ensure we handle detecting that an image is animated, then failing to decode
# it. (See bug 1210745.)
load 1210745-1.gif
load 1212954-1.svg
load 1235605.gif
load 1241728-1.html
load 1241729-1.html
load 1242093-1.html
load 1242778-1.png
load 1249576-1.png
load 1253362-1.html
skip-if(Android&&browserIsRemote) load 1355898-1.html # bug 1507207
load 1375842-1.html
load 1413762-1.gif
pref(image.downscale-during-decode.enabled,true) load 1443232-1.html
load colormap-range.gif
HTTP load delayedframe.sjs # A 3-frame animated GIF with an inordinate delay between the second and third frame

# Animated gifs with a very large canvas, but tiny actual content.
load delaytest.html?523528-1.gif
load delaytest.html?523528-2.gif

# Bug 1160801 - Ensure that we handle invalid disposal types.
load invalid-disposal-method-1.gif
load invalid-disposal-method-2.gif
load invalid-disposal-method-3.gif

load invalid-icc-profile.jpg # This would have exposed the leak discovered in bug 642902

# Ensure we handle ICO directory entries which specify the wrong size for the contained resource.
load invalid_ico_height.ico
load invalid_ico_width.ico

# Bug 525326 - Test image sizes of 65535x65535 which is larger than we allow)
load invalid-size.gif
load invalid-size-second-frame.gif

load multiple-png-hassize.ico # Bug 863958 - This icon's size is such that it leads to multiple writes to the PNG decoder after we've gotten our size.
asserts(0-2) load ownerdiscard.html # Bug 1323672, bug 807211
load truncated-second-frame.png # Bug 863975

# Bug 1509998 - Ensure that we handle empty frame rects in animated images.
load 1509998.gif

load 1526717-1.html