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Tests for bug 359608 - Animated GIFs are animated even when user navigates to another page.r=joe,a=blocker

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * This interface is used in debug builds (and only there) in
 * order to let automatic tests running JavaScript access
 * internal state of imgContainers. This lets us test
 * things like animation.
[scriptable, uuid(52cbb839-6e63-4a70-b21a-1db4ca706c49)]
interface imgIContainerDebug : nsISupports
   * The # of frames this imgContainer has been notified about.
   * That is equal to the # of times the animation timer has
   * fired, and is usually equal to the # of frames actually
   * drawn (but actual drawing might be disabled).
  readonly attribute PRUint32 framesNotified;