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Bug 1417264 - Write .mozconfig.mk file from Python; r=nalexander The file is a filtered version of the make file that we previously started generating for client.mk. Why there is special casing for UPLOAD_EXTRA_FILES, I'm not sure. This smells fishy and is something I'd like to take a look at once all code is ported out of client.mk. The removal of the logic from client.mk meant that we could remove a bunch of code from client.mk related to loading mozconfig files. We can now simply include the auto-generated make file directly and be done with it. MozReview-Commit-ID: 4M5NElQA7iR

skip-if = os != 'win'
skip-if = os == 'b2g'  #Bug 1038197
skip-if = os == 'android' # Bug 1147630
skip-if = os == 'b2g'  #Bug 1068946