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#include "domstubs.idl"

 * Interface for client side storage. See
 * for more information.
 * A storage object stores an arbitrary set of key-value pairs, which
 * may be retrieved, modified and removed as needed. A key may only
 * exist once within a storage object, and only one value may be
 * associated with a particular key. Keys are stored in a particular
 * order with the condition that this order not change by merely changing
 * the value associated with a key, but the order may change when a
 * key is added or removed.

[scriptable, uuid(43E5EDAD-1E02-42c4-9D99-C3D9DEE22A20)]
interface nsIDOMStorage : nsISupports
   * The number of keys stored.
  readonly attribute unsigned long length;

   * Retrieve the name of the key at a particular index.
   * @param index index of the item to retrieve
   * @returns the key at index, null if there is no key at that index
  DOMString key(in unsigned long index);

   * Retrieve an item with a given key
   * @param key key to retrieve
   * @returns found data or empty string if the key was not found
  DOMString getItem([Null(Stringify)] in DOMString key);

   * Assign a value with a key. If the key does not exist already, a new
   * key is added associated with that value. If the key already exists,
   * then the existing value is replaced with a new value.
   * @param key key to set
   * @param data data to associate with the key
  void setItem([Null(Stringify)] in DOMString key, [Null(Stringify)] in DOMString data);

   * Remove a key and its corresponding value.
   * @param key key to remove
  void removeItem([Null(Stringify)] in DOMString key);

   * Clear the content of this storage bound to a domain
   * or an origin.
  void clear();