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Bug 1030598 - Fix make export race condition after bug 1028563. r=gps

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
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#include "mozilla/StaticPtr.h"

namespace webrtc {
class SingleRwFifo;

namespace mozilla {

typedef struct FarEndAudioChunk_ {
  uint16_t mSamples;
  bool mOverrun;
  int16_t mData[1]; // variable-length
} FarEndAudioChunk;

// XXX Really a singleton currently
class AudioOutputObserver // : public MSGOutputObserver
  virtual ~AudioOutputObserver();

  void Clear();
  void InsertFarEnd(const AudioDataValue *aBuffer, uint32_t aSamples, bool aOverran,
                    int aFreq, int aChannels, AudioSampleFormat aFormat);
  uint32_t PlayoutFrequency() { return mPlayoutFreq; }
  uint32_t PlayoutChannels() { return mPlayoutChannels; }

  FarEndAudioChunk *Pop();
  uint32_t Size();

  uint32_t mPlayoutFreq;
  uint32_t mPlayoutChannels;

  nsAutoPtr<webrtc::SingleRwFifo> mPlayoutFifo;
  uint32_t mChunkSize;

  // chunking to 10ms support
  FarEndAudioChunk *mSaved; // can't be nsAutoPtr since we need to use moz_free()
  uint32_t mSamplesSaved;

// XXX until there's a registration API in MSG
extern StaticAutoPtr<AudioOutputObserver> gFarendObserver;