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Bug 1269444 - Move Plugin Zoom Value update into SetWindow call; r=bsmedberg Currently, CSS Zoom is updated on calls to ResolutionMayHaveChanged. However, this happens in between two calls in NPP_SetWindow, one for widget repaint and then one for resolution updates. Not having CSS Zoom updated during the first call to NPP_SetWindow would result in desynchronized window updates in Adobe Flash. Therefore, ResolutionMayHaveChanged is called on all NPP_SetWindow calls from nsPluginFrame, meaning the plugin library will always have access to the correct values via NPP_GetValue/NPP_SetValue. MozReview-Commit-ID: 6BddqngxsKy

// Parent config file for all devtools xpcshell files.
  "extends": [
  "rules": {
    // Allow non-camelcase so that run_test doesn't produce a warning.
    "camelcase": 0,
    // Allow using undefined variables so that tests can refer to functions
    // and variables defined in head.js files, without having to maintain a
    // list of globals in each .eslintrc file.
    // Note that bug 1168340 will eventually help auto-registering globals
    // from head.js files.
    "no-undef": 0,
    "block-scoped-var": 0,
    // Allow run_test to be unused in xpcshell
    "no-unused-vars": [2, { "varsIgnorePattern": "run_test" }],