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/* base class for nsCounterList and nsQuoteList */

#ifndef nsGenConList_h___
#define nsGenConList_h___

#include "nsIFrame.h"
#include "nsStyleStruct.h"
#include "prclist.h"
#include "nsIDOMCharacterData.h"
#include "nsCSSPseudoElements.h"

struct nsGenConNode : public PRCList {
  // The wrapper frame for all of the pseudo-element's content.  This
  // frame generally has useful style data and has the
  // NS_FRAME_GENERATED_CONTENT bit set (so we use it to track removal),
  // but does not necessarily for |nsCounterChangeNode|s.
  nsIFrame* const mPseudoFrame;

  // Index within the list of things specified by the 'content' property,
  // which is needed to do 'content: open-quote open-quote' correctly,
  // and needed for similar cases for counters.
  const PRInt32 mContentIndex;

  // null for 'content:no-open-quote', 'content:no-close-quote' and for
  // counter nodes for increments and resets (rather than uses)
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMCharacterData> mText;

  nsGenConNode(nsIFrame* aPseudoFrame, PRInt32 aContentIndex)
    : mPseudoFrame(aPseudoFrame)
    , mContentIndex(aContentIndex)
    NS_ASSERTION(aContentIndex <
                 "index out of range");
    // We allow negative values of mContentIndex for 'counter-reset' and
    // 'counter-increment'.

    NS_ASSERTION(aContentIndex < 0 ||
                 aPseudoFrame->GetStyleContext()->GetPseudoType() ==
                   nsCSSPseudoElements::before ||
                 aPseudoFrame->GetStyleContext()->GetPseudoType() ==
                 "not :before/:after generated content and not counter change");
    NS_ASSERTION(aContentIndex < 0 ||
                 aPseudoFrame->GetStateBits() & NS_FRAME_GENERATED_CONTENT,
                 "not generated content and not counter change");

  virtual ~nsGenConNode() {} // XXX Avoid, perhaps?

class nsGenConList {
  nsGenConNode* mFirstNode;
  PRUint32 mSize;
  nsGenConList() : mFirstNode(nsnull), mSize(0) {}
  ~nsGenConList() { Clear(); }
  void Clear();
  static nsGenConNode* Next(nsGenConNode* aNode) {
    return static_cast<nsGenConNode*>(PR_NEXT_LINK(aNode));
  static nsGenConNode* Prev(nsGenConNode* aNode) {
    return static_cast<nsGenConNode*>(PR_PREV_LINK(aNode));
  void Insert(nsGenConNode* aNode);
  // returns whether any nodes have been destroyed
  PRBool DestroyNodesFor(nsIFrame* aFrame); //destroy all nodes with aFrame as parent

  // Return true if |aNode1| is after |aNode2|.
  static PRBool NodeAfter(const nsGenConNode* aNode1,
                          const nsGenConNode* aNode2);

  void Remove(nsGenConNode* aNode) { PR_REMOVE_LINK(aNode); mSize--; }
  PRBool IsLast(nsGenConNode* aNode) { return (Next(aNode) == mFirstNode); }

#endif /* nsGenConList_h___ */