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Bug 1520691 - Add Discovery components, search polish and bug fixes to Activity Stream r=k88hudson Differential Revision:

newtab_page_title=Neuer Tab

header_top_sites=Wichtige Seiten
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(header_recommended_by): This is followed by the name
# of the corresponding content provider.
header_recommended_by=Empfohlen von {provider}

# LOCALIZATION NOTE(context_menu_button_sr): This is for screen readers when
# the context menu button is focused/active. Title is the label or hostname of
# the site.
context_menu_button_sr=Kontextmenü für {title} öffnen

# LOCALIZATION NOTE(section_context_menu_button_sr): This is for screen readers when
# the section edit context menu button is focused/active.
section_context_menu_button_sr=Kontextmenü des Abschnitts öffnen

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (type_label_*): These labels are associated to pages to give
# context on how the element is related to the user, e.g. type indicates that
# the page is bookmarked, or is currently open on another device
type_label_pocket=Bei Pocket gespeichert

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (menu_action_*): These strings are displayed in a context
# menu and are meant as a call to action for a given page.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (menu_action_bookmark): Bookmark is a verb, as in "Add to
# bookmarks"
menu_action_remove_bookmark=Lesezeichen entfernen
menu_action_open_new_window=In neuem Fenster öffnen
menu_action_open_private_window=In neuem privaten Fenster öffnen
menu_action_delete=Aus Chronik löschen
confirm_history_delete_p1=Soll wirklich jede Instanz dieser Seite aus Ihrer Chronik gelöscht werden?
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (confirm_history_delete_notice_p2): this string is displayed in
# the same dialog as confirm_history_delete_p1. "This action" refers to deleting a
# page from history.
confirm_history_delete_notice_p2=Diese Aktion kann nicht rückgängig gemacht werden.
menu_action_save_to_pocket=Bei Pocket speichern
menu_action_delete_pocket=Aus Pocket löschen
menu_action_archive_pocket=In Pocket archivieren

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (menu_action_show_file_*): These are platform specific strings
# found in the context menu of an item that has been downloaded. The intention behind
# "this action" is that it will show where the downloaded file exists on the file system
# for each operating system.
menu_action_show_file_mac_os=Im Finder anzeigen
menu_action_show_file_windows=Beinhaltenden Ordner öffnen
menu_action_show_file_linux=Ziel-Ordner öffnen
menu_action_show_file_default=Datei anzeigen
menu_action_open_file=Datei öffnen

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (menu_action_copy_download_link, menu_action_go_to_download_page):
# "Download" here, in both cases, is not a verb, it is a noun. As in, "Copy the
# link that belongs to this downloaded item"
menu_action_copy_download_link=Download-Link kopieren
menu_action_go_to_download_page=Zur Download-Seite gehen
menu_action_remove_download=Aus Chronik entfernen

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (search_button): This is screenreader only text for the
# search button.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (search_header): Displayed at the top of the panel
# showing search suggestions. {search_engine_name} is replaced with the name of
# the current default search engine. e.g. 'Google Search'

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (search_web_placeholder): This is shown in the searchbox when
# the user hasn't typed anything yet.
search_web_placeholder=Das Web durchsuchen

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (section_disclaimer_topstories): This is shown below
# the topstories section title to provide additional information about
# how the stories are selected.
section_disclaimer_topstories=Die interessanten Geschichten im Internet, ausgewählt nach Ihrem Geschmack. Von Pocket, jetzt Teil von Mozilla.
section_disclaimer_topstories_linktext=Erfahren Sie, wie es funktioniert.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (section_disclaimer_topstories_buttontext): The text of
# the button used to acknowledge, and hide this disclaimer in the future.
section_disclaimer_topstories_buttontext=Ok, verstanden

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (prefs_*, settings_*): These are shown in about:preferences
# for a "Firefox Home" section. "Firefox" should be treated as a brand and kept
# in English, while "Home" should be localized matching the about:preferences
# sidebar mozilla-central string for the panel that has preferences related to
# what is shown for the homepage, new windows, and new tabs.
prefs_home_header=Inhalte des Firefox-Startbildschirms
prefs_home_description=Wählen Sie, welche Inhalte auf Ihrem Firefox-Startbildschirm angezeigt werden sollen.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (prefs_section_rows_option): This is a semi-colon list of
# plural forms used in a drop down of multiple row options (1 row, 2 rows).
# See:
prefs_section_rows_option={num} Zeile;{num} Zeilen
prefs_topsites_description=Die von die Ihnen am meisten besuchten Websites
prefs_topstories_description2=Tolle Inhalte aus dem ganzen Internet, für Sie personalisiert
prefs_topstories_options_sponsored_label=Gesponserte Geschichten
prefs_topstories_sponsored_learn_more=Weitere Informationen
prefs_highlights_description=Eine Auswahl von Websites, die Sie gespeichert oder besucht haben
prefs_highlights_options_visited_label=Besuchte Seiten
prefs_highlights_options_download_label=Neueste Downloads
prefs_highlights_options_pocket_label=Bei Pocket gespeicherte Seiten
prefs_snippets_description=Neuigkeiten von Mozilla und Firefox
settings_pane_button_label=Einstellungen für neue Tabs anpassen
settings_pane_topsites_header=Wichtige Seiten
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(settings_pane_snippets_header): For the "Snippets" feature
# traditionally on about:home. Alternative translation options: "Small Note" or
# something that expresses the idea of "a small message, shortened from
# something else, and non-essential but also not entirely trivial and useless."

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (edit_topsites_*): This is shown in the Edit Top Sites modal
# dialog.
edit_topsites_edit_button=Diese Website bearbeiten

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (topsites_form_*): This is shown in the New/Edit Topsite modal.
topsites_form_add_header=Neue wichtige Seite
topsites_form_edit_header=Wichtige Seite bearbeiten
topsites_form_title_placeholder=Name eingeben
topsites_form_image_url_label=Adresse von benutzerdefinierter Grafik
topsites_form_url_placeholder=Eine Adresse eingeben oder einfügen
topsites_form_use_image_link=Eine benutzerdefinierte Grafik verwenden…
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (topsites_form_*_button): These are verbs/actions.
topsites_form_url_validation=Gültige Adresse erforderlich
topsites_form_image_validation=Grafik konnte nicht geladen werden. Verwenden Sie eine andere Adresse.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (pocket_read_more): This is shown at the bottom of the
# trending stories section and precedes a list of links to popular topics.
pocket_read_more=Beliebte Themen:
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (pocket_read_even_more): This is shown as a link at the
# end of the list of popular topic links.
pocket_read_even_more=Weitere Nachrichten ansehen
pocket_more_reccommendations=Mehr Empfehlungen
pocket_how_it_works=Wie es funktioniert
pocket_cta_button=Pocket holen
pocket_cta_text=Speichern Sie Ihre Lieblingstexte in Pocket und gewinnen Sie gedankenreiche Einblicke durch faszinierende Texte.

highlights_empty_state=Surfen Sie los und wir zeigen Ihnen hier einige der interessanten Artikel, Videos und anderen Seiten, die Sie kürzlich besucht oder als Lesezeichen gespeichert haben.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (topstories_empty_state): When there are no recommendations,
# in the space that would have shown a few stories, this is shown instead.
# {provider} is replaced by the name of the content provider for this section.
topstories_empty_state=Jetzt kennen Sie die Neuigkeiten. Schauen Sie später wieder vorbei, um neue Informationen von {provider} zu erhalten. Können Sie nicht warten? Wählen Sie ein beliebtes Thema und lesen Sie weitere interessante Geschichten aus dem Internet.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (manual_migration_explanation2): This message is shown to encourage users to
# import their browser profile from another browser they might be using.
manual_migration_explanation2=Probieren Sie Firefox aus und importieren Sie die Lesezeichen, Chronik und Passwörter eines anderen Browsers.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (manual_migration_cancel_button): This message is shown on a button that cancels the
# process of importing another browser’s profile into Firefox.
manual_migration_cancel_button=Nein, danke
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (manual_migration_import_button): This message is shown on a button that starts the process
# of importing another browser’s profile profile into Firefox.
manual_migration_import_button=Jetzt importieren

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_fallback_default_*): This message and suggested
# action link are shown in each section of UI that fails to render
error_fallback_default_info=Beim Laden dieses Inhalts ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.
error_fallback_default_refresh_suggestion=Aktualisieren Sie die Seite, um es erneut zu versuchen.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (section_menu_action_*).  These strings are displayed in the section
# context menu and are meant as a call to action for the given section.
section_menu_action_remove_section=Abschnitt entfernen
section_menu_action_collapse_section=Abschnitt einklappen
section_menu_action_expand_section=Abschnitt ausklappen
section_menu_action_manage_section=Abschnitt verwalten
section_menu_action_manage_webext=Erweiterung verwalten
section_menu_action_add_topsite=Wichtige Seite hinzufügen
section_menu_action_add_search_engine=Suchmaschine hinzufügen
section_menu_action_move_up=Nach oben schieben
section_menu_action_move_down=Nach unten schieben

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (firstrun_*). These strings are displayed only once, on the
# firstrun of the browser, they give an introduction to Firefox and Sync.
firstrun_title=Firefox für unterwegs
firstrun_content=Nehmen Sie Ihre Lesezeichen, Chronik, Passwörter und andere Einstellungen auf allen Geräten mit.
firstrun_learn_more_link=Jetzt mehr über Firefox-Konten erfahren

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (firstrun_form_header and firstrun_form_sub_header):
# firstrun_form_sub_header is a continuation of firstrun_form_header, they are one sentence.
# firstrun_form_header is displayed more boldly as the call to action.
firstrun_form_header=E-Mail-Adresse eingeben
firstrun_form_sub_header=um sich bei Firefox Sync anzumelden.

firstrun_invalid_input=Gültige E-Mail-Adresse erforderlich

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (firstrun_extra_legal_links): {terms} is equal to firstrun_terms_of_service, and
# {privacy} is equal to firstrun_privacy_notice. {terms} and {privacy} are clickable links.
firstrun_extra_legal_links=Indem Sie fortfahren, stimmen Sie den {terms} und dem {privacy} zu.

firstrun_skip_login=Diesen Schritt überspringen

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (context_menu_title): Action tooltip to open a context menu
context_menu_title=Menü öffnen