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Bug 1397989 - Make sure to only set non-empty values as the content-type of a document in the remote browser binding. r=mconley, a=ritu What happens is the following: - browser-child.js sends a statechange up to RemoteWebProgress.jsm that contains a `documentContentType` value of `null`, along with `requestURI` and `originalRequestURI` _after_ other state changes that did send a valid content-type. - The content-type is used by the WebProgressListener in browser.js to toggle the disabled state of the 'isImage' broadcaster. - The 'isImage' broadcaster is used by the 'cmd_find' and 'cmd_findAgain' commands to determine whether they should be enabled. In this case: not. The fix here is to _not_ set the documentContentType in the browser binding when it's `null`. MozReview-Commit-ID: IELoCrnOH0j

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