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Bug 321624 - cookie per-host limit doesn't include all cookies from a domain. r=sdwilsh

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#ifndef nsCookie_h__
#define nsCookie_h__

#include "nsICookie.h"
#include "nsICookie2.h"
#include "nsString.h"

 * The nsCookie class is the main cookie storage medium for use within cookie
 * code. It implements nsICookie2, which extends nsICookie, a frozen interface
 * for xpcom access of cookie objects.

 * nsCookie:
 * implementation

class nsCookie : public nsICookie2
    // nsISupports

    // for internal use only. see nsCookie::Create().
    nsCookie(const char     *aName,
             const char     *aValue,
             const char     *aHost,
             const char     *aPath,
             const char     *aEnd,
             PRInt64         aExpiry,
             PRInt64         aLastAccessed,
             PRInt64         aCreationID,
             PRBool          aIsSession,
             PRBool          aIsSecure,
             PRBool          aIsHttpOnly)
     : mName(aName)
     , mValue(aValue)
     , mHost(aHost)
     , mPath(aPath)
     , mEnd(aEnd)
     , mExpiry(aExpiry)
     , mLastAccessed(aLastAccessed)
     , mCreationID(aCreationID)
     , mIsSession(aIsSession != PR_FALSE)
     , mIsSecure(aIsSecure != PR_FALSE)
     , mIsHttpOnly(aIsHttpOnly != PR_FALSE)

    // public helper to create an nsCookie object. use |operator delete|
    // to destroy an object created by this method.
    static nsCookie * Create(const nsACString &aName,
                             const nsACString &aValue,
                             const nsACString &aHost,
                             const nsACString &aPath,
                             PRInt64           aExpiry,
                             PRInt64           aLastAccessed,
                             PRInt64           aCreationID,
                             PRBool            aIsSession,
                             PRBool            aIsSecure,
                             PRBool            aIsHttpOnly);

    virtual ~nsCookie() {}

    // fast (inline, non-xpcom) getters
    inline const nsDependentCString Name()  const { return nsDependentCString(mName, mValue - 1); }
    inline const nsDependentCString Value() const { return nsDependentCString(mValue, mHost - 1); }
    inline const nsDependentCString Host()  const { return nsDependentCString(mHost, mPath - 1); }
    inline const nsDependentCString RawHost() const { return nsDependentCString(IsDomain() ? mHost + 1 : mHost, mPath - 1); }
    inline const nsDependentCString Path()  const { return nsDependentCString(mPath, mEnd); }
    inline PRInt64 Expiry()                 const { return mExpiry; }        // in seconds
    inline PRInt64 LastAccessed()           const { return mLastAccessed; }  // in microseconds
    inline PRInt64 CreationID()             const { return mCreationID; }    // in microseconds
    inline PRBool IsSession()               const { return mIsSession; }
    inline PRBool IsDomain()                const { return *mHost == '.'; }
    inline PRBool IsSecure()                const { return mIsSecure; }
    inline PRBool IsHttpOnly()              const { return mIsHttpOnly; }

    // setters
    inline void SetExpiry(PRInt64 aExpiry)        { mExpiry = aExpiry; }
    inline void SetLastAccessed(PRInt64 aTime)    { mLastAccessed = aTime; }
    inline void SetIsSession(PRBool aIsSession)   { mIsSession = (PRPackedBool) aIsSession; }
    // set the creation id manually, overriding the monotonicity checks in Create().
    // use with caution!
    inline void SetCreationID(PRInt64 aID)        { mCreationID = aID; }

    // member variables
    // we use char* ptrs to store the strings in a contiguous block,
    // so we save on the overhead of using nsCStrings. However, we
    // store a terminating null for each string, so we can hand them
    // out as nsAFlatCStrings.
    const char  *mName;
    const char  *mValue;
    const char  *mHost;
    const char  *mPath;
    const char  *mEnd;
    PRInt64      mExpiry;
    PRInt64      mLastAccessed;
    // creation id is unique for each cookie and approximately represents the cookie
    // creation time, in microseconds.
    PRInt64      mCreationID;
    PRPackedBool mIsSession;
    PRPackedBool mIsSecure;
    PRPackedBool mIsHttpOnly;

#endif // nsCookie_h__