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#ifndef nsMIMEInfoWin_h_
#define nsMIMEInfoWin_h_

#include "nsMIMEInfoImpl.h"
#include "nsIPropertyBag.h"
#include "nsIMutableArray.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

class nsMIMEInfoWin : public nsMIMEInfoBase, public nsIPropertyBag {
    nsMIMEInfoWin(const char* aType = "") : nsMIMEInfoBase(aType) {}
    nsMIMEInfoWin(const nsACString& aMIMEType) : nsMIMEInfoBase(aMIMEType) {}
    nsMIMEInfoWin(const nsACString& aType, HandlerClass aClass) :
      nsMIMEInfoBase(aType, aClass) {}
    virtual ~nsMIMEInfoWin();

    NS_IMETHOD LaunchWithFile(nsIFile* aFile);
    NS_IMETHOD GetHasDefaultHandler(PRBool * _retval);
    NS_IMETHOD GetPossibleLocalHandlers(nsIArray **_retval); 


    void SetDefaultApplicationHandler(nsIFile* aDefaultApplication) 
      mDefaultApplication = aDefaultApplication; 

    virtual NS_HIDDEN_(nsresult) LoadUriInternal(nsIURI *aURI);
    virtual nsresult LaunchDefaultWithFile(nsIFile* aFile);

    nsCOMPtr<nsIFile>      mDefaultApplication;
    // Given a path to a local handler, return its 
    // nsILocalHandlerApp instance.
    PRBool GetLocalHandlerApp(const nsAString& aCommandHandler,
                              nsCOMPtr<nsILocalHandlerApp>& aApp);

    // Return the cleaned up file path associated 
    // with a command verb located in root/Applications.
    PRBool GetAppsVerbCommandHandler(const nsAString& appExeName,
                                     nsAString& applicationPath,
                                     PRBool bEdit);

    // Return the cleaned up file path associated 
    // with a progid command verb located in root.
    PRBool GetProgIDVerbCommandHandler(const nsAString& appProgIDName,
                                       nsAString& applicationPath,
                                       PRBool bEdit);

    // Lookup a rundll command handler and return
    // a populated command template for use with rundll32.exe.
    PRBool GetDllLaunchInfo(nsIFile * aDll,
                            nsILocalFile * aFile,
                            nsAString& args, PRBool bEdit);

    // Helper routine used in tracking app lists
    void ProcessPath(nsCOMPtr<nsIMutableArray>& appList,
                     nsTArray<nsString>& trackList,
                     const nsAString& appFilesystemCommand);