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#ifndef nsMIMEInfoMac_h_
#define nsMIMEInfoMac_h_

#include "nsMIMEInfoImpl.h"

class nsMIMEInfoMac : public nsMIMEInfoImpl {
    nsMIMEInfoMac(const char* aMIMEType = "") : nsMIMEInfoImpl(aMIMEType) {}
    nsMIMEInfoMac(const nsACString& aMIMEType) : nsMIMEInfoImpl(aMIMEType) {}
    nsMIMEInfoMac(const nsACString& aType, HandlerClass aClass) :
      nsMIMEInfoImpl(aType, aClass) {}

    NS_IMETHOD LaunchWithFile(nsIFile* aFile);
    virtual NS_HIDDEN_(nsresult) LoadUriInternal(nsIURI *aURI);
#ifdef DEBUG
    virtual NS_HIDDEN_(nsresult) LaunchDefaultWithFile(nsIFile* aFile) {
      NS_NOTREACHED("do not call this method, use LaunchWithFile");
    static NS_HIDDEN_(nsresult) OpenApplicationWithURI(nsIFile *aApplication, 
                                                       const nsCString& aURI);
    NS_IMETHOD GetDefaultDescription(nsAString& aDefaultDescription);