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#ifndef nsDecodeAppleFile_h__
#define nsDecodeAppleFile_h__

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIFile.h"
#include "nsILocalFileMac.h"
#include "nsIOutputStream.h"

** applefile definitions used 
  #pragma options align=mac68k

#define APPLESINGLE_MAGIC   0x00051600L
#define APPLEDOUBLE_MAGIC 	0x00051607L
#define VERSION             0x00020000

#define NUM_ENTRIES 		6

#define ENT_DFORK   		1L
#define ENT_RFORK   		2L
#define ENT_NAME    		3L
#define ENT_COMMENT 		4L
#define ENT_DATES   		8L
#define ENT_FINFO   		9L

#define CONVERT_TIME 		1265437696L

** data type used in the header decoder.
typedef struct ap_header 
	PRInt32 	magic;
	PRInt32   version;
	PRInt32 	fill[4];
	PRInt16 	entriesCount;

} ap_header;

typedef struct ap_entry 
	PRInt32   id;
	PRInt32	  offset;
	PRInt32	  length;
} ap_entry;

typedef struct ap_dates 
	PRInt32 create, modify, backup, access;

} ap_dates;

  #pragma options align=reset

**Error codes
enum {
  errADNotEnoughData = -12099,

class nsDecodeAppleFile : public nsIOutputStream
  virtual ~nsDecodeAppleFile();
  nsresult Initialize(nsIOutputStream *output, nsIFile *file);
  #define MAX_BUFFERSIZE    1024
  enum ParserState {parseHeaders, parseEntries, parseLookupPart, parsePart, parseSkipPart,
                    parseDataFork, parseResourceFork, parseWriteThrough};
  nsCOMPtr<nsIOutputStream> m_output;
  FSSpec            m_fsFileSpec;
  SInt16            m_rfRefNum;
  unsigned char *   m_dataBuffer;
  PRInt32           m_dataBufferLength;
  ParserState       m_state;
  ap_header         m_headers;
  ap_entry *        m_entries;
  PRInt32           m_offset;
  PRInt32           m_dataForkOffset;
  PRInt32           m_totalDataForkWritten;
  PRInt32           m_totalResourceForkWritten;
  PRBool            m_headerOk;
  PRInt32           m_currentPartID;
  PRInt32           m_currentPartLength;
  PRInt32           m_currentPartCount;
  Str255            m_comment;
  ap_dates          m_dates;
  FInfo             m_finderInfo;
  FXInfo            m_finderExtraInfo;