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#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsString.h"

class nsISMILAttr;
class nsISMILAnimationElement;
class nsSMILTimeValue;
class nsSMILValue;
class nsSMILRepeatCount;

 * Common parsing utilities for the SMIL module. There is little re-use here; it
 * simply serves to simplify other classes by moving parsing outside and to aid
 * unit testing.
class nsSMILParserUtils
  static nsresult ParseKeySplines(const nsAString& aSpec,
                                  nsTArray<double>& aSplineArray);

  static nsresult ParseKeyTimes(const nsAString& aSpec,
                                nsTArray<double>& aTimesArray);

  static nsresult ParseValues(const nsAString& aSpec,
                              const nsISMILAnimationElement* aSrcElement,
                              const nsISMILAttr& aAttribute,
                              nsTArray<nsSMILValue>& aValuesArray);

  static nsresult ParseRepeatCount(const nsAString& aSpec,
                                   nsSMILRepeatCount& aResult);

  // Used with ParseClockValue. Allow + or - before a clock value.
  static const PRInt8 kClockValueAllowSign       = 1;
  // Used with ParseClockValue. Allow "indefinite" in a clock value
  static const PRInt8 kClockValueAllowIndefinite = 2;

   * This method can actually parse more than a clock value as defined in the
   * SMIL Animation specification. It can also parse:
   *  - the + or - before an offset
   *  - the special value "indefinite"
   *  - the special value "media"
   * Because the value "media" cannot be represented as part of an
   * nsSMILTimeValue and has different meanings depending on where it is used,
   * it is passed out as a separate parameter (which can be set to nsnull if the
   * media attribute is not allowed).
   * @param aSpec    The string containing a clock value, e.g. "10s"
   * @param aResult  The parsed result. May be NULL (e.g. if this method is
   *                 being called just to test if aSpec is a valid clock value).
   *                 [OUT]
   * @param aFlags   A combination of the kClockValue* bit flags OR'ed together
   *                 to define what additional syntax is allowed.
   * @param aIsMedia Optional out parameter which, if not null, will be set to
   *                 PR_TRUE if the value is the string "media", PR_FALSE
   *                 otherwise. If it is null, the string "media" is not
   *                 allowed.
   * @return NS_OK if aSpec was successfully parsed as a valid clock value
   * (according to aFlags), an error code otherwise.
  static nsresult ParseClockValue(const nsAString& aSpec,
                                  nsSMILTimeValue* aResult,
                                  PRUint32 aFlags = 0,
                                  PRBool* aIsMedia = nsnull);

  static void   SkipWsp(nsACString::const_iterator& aIter,
                        const nsACString::const_iterator& aIterEnd);
  static void   SkipWsp(nsAString::const_iterator& aIter,
                        const nsAString::const_iterator& aIterEnd);
  static double GetFloat(nsACString::const_iterator& aIter,
                         const nsACString::const_iterator& aIterEnd,
                         nsresult *aErrorCode = nsnull);
  static PRBool IsSpace(const PRUnichar c);
  static PRBool ConsumeSubstring(nsACString::const_iterator& aIter,
                                 const nsACString::const_iterator& aIterEnd,
                                 const char *aSubstring);
  static PRBool ParseClockComponent(nsACString::const_iterator& aSpec,
                                    const nsACString::const_iterator& aEnd,
                                    double& aResult,
                                    PRBool& aIsReal,
                                    PRBool& aCouldBeMin,
                                    PRBool& aCouldBeSec);
  static PRBool ParseMetricMultiplicand(nsACString::const_iterator& aSpec,
                                        const nsACString::const_iterator& aEnd,
                                        PRInt32& multiplicand);

  static const PRUint32 MSEC_PER_SEC;
  static const PRUint32 MSEC_PER_MIN;
  static const PRUint32 MSEC_PER_HOUR;