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GTest-based Unit Tests

This directory contains GTest-based unit tests for NSS.

Currently, these are only loopback-type tests of libsssl,
but could be expanded to other types of tests. To make these
work do:

- Set NSS_BUILD_GTESTS=1 before starting your build

- cd tests/

- Set NSS_TESTS=ssl_gtests and NSS_CYCLES=standard

- run ./

This will run the certutil tests (generating a test db) and
will finalize with a call to the ssl_gtest

You should be able to run the unit tests manually as:

  ssl_gtest -d ${SSLGTESTDIR}

Where $SSLGTESTDIR is a directory with a database containing:
 - an RSA certificate called server (with its private key)
 - an ECDSA certificate called ecdsa (with its private key)

A directory like this is created by ./ and can be found
in a directory named something like