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Bug 1516292 - Use isSameNode() to compare mozFullScreenElement and the video host element. r=edgar, a=RyanVM This does what's done in bug 1505547 but in a different way. For some reason, access in the function can trigger an assertion. is a Proxy so it cannot be compared, but all its methods are proxied. Differential Revision:

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#include "AudioCompactor.h"
#if defined(MOZ_MEMORY)
#include "mozmemory.h"

namespace mozilla {

static size_t MallocGoodSize(size_t aSize) {
#if defined(MOZ_MEMORY)
  return malloc_good_size(aSize);
  return aSize;

static size_t TooMuchSlop(size_t aSize, size_t aAllocSize, size_t aMaxSlop) {
  // If the allocated size is less then our target size, then we
  // are chunking.  This means it will be completely filled with
  // zero slop.
  size_t slop = (aAllocSize > aSize) ? (aAllocSize - aSize) : 0;
  return slop > aMaxSlop;

uint32_t AudioCompactor::GetChunkSamples(uint32_t aFrames, uint32_t aChannels,
                                         size_t aMaxSlop) {
  size_t size = AudioDataSize(aFrames, aChannels);
  size_t chunkSize = MallocGoodSize(size);

  // Reduce the chunk size until we meet our slop goal or the chunk
  // approaches an unreasonably small size.
  while (chunkSize > 64 && TooMuchSlop(size, chunkSize, aMaxSlop)) {
    chunkSize = MallocGoodSize(chunkSize / 2);

  // Calculate the number of samples based on expected malloc size
  // in order to allow as many frames as possible to be packed.
  return chunkSize / sizeof(AudioDataValue);

uint32_t AudioCompactor::NativeCopy::operator()(AudioDataValue *aBuffer,
                                                uint32_t aSamples) {
  NS_ASSERTION(aBuffer, "cannot copy to null buffer pointer");
  NS_ASSERTION(aSamples, "cannot copy zero values");

  size_t bufferBytes = aSamples * sizeof(AudioDataValue);
  size_t maxBytes = std::min(bufferBytes, mSourceBytes - mNextByte);
  uint32_t frames = maxBytes / BytesPerFrame(mChannels);
  size_t bytes = frames * BytesPerFrame(mChannels);

  NS_ASSERTION((mNextByte + bytes) <= mSourceBytes,
               "tried to copy beyond source buffer");
  NS_ASSERTION(bytes <= bufferBytes, "tried to copy beyond destination buffer");

  memcpy(aBuffer, mSource + mNextByte, bytes);

  mNextByte += bytes;
  return frames;

}  // namespace mozilla