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Bug 1248507 - p1. Pass DecoderDoctorDiagnostics to PDMs&more - r=jya Pass declared-but-yet-undefined DecoderDoctorDiagnostics pointer to various routines that contribute to deciding if a media format can be played, and those that create decoders. Points where a DecoderDoctorDiagnostics can be injected are currently marked with "/* DecoderDoctorDiagnostics* */ nullptr", and some will be used in following patches. MozReview-Commit-ID: 7u37bvY4CpW

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#if !defined(EMEDecoderModule_h_)
#define EMEDecoderModule_h_

#include "PlatformDecoderModule.h"
#include "PDMFactory.h"
#include "gmp-decryption.h"

namespace mozilla {

class CDMProxy;

class EMEDecoderModule : public PlatformDecoderModule {

  EMEDecoderModule(CDMProxy* aProxy,
                   PDMFactory* aPDM,
                   bool aCDMDecodesAudio,
                   bool aCDMDecodesVideo);

  virtual ~EMEDecoderModule();

  // Decode thread.
  CreateVideoDecoder(const VideoInfo& aConfig,
                    layers::LayersBackend aLayersBackend,
                    layers::ImageContainer* aImageContainer,
                    FlushableTaskQueue* aVideoTaskQueue,
                    MediaDataDecoderCallback* aCallback,
                    DecoderDoctorDiagnostics* aDiagnostics) override;

  // Decode thread.
  CreateAudioDecoder(const AudioInfo& aConfig,
                     FlushableTaskQueue* aAudioTaskQueue,
                     MediaDataDecoderCallback* aCallback,
                     DecoderDoctorDiagnostics* aDiagnostics) override;

  DecoderNeedsConversion(const TrackInfo& aConfig) const override;

  SupportsMimeType(const nsACString& aMimeType,
                   DecoderDoctorDiagnostics* aDiagnostics) const override;

  RefPtr<CDMProxy> mProxy;
  // Will be null if CDM has decoding capability.
  RefPtr<PDMFactory> mPDM;
  // We run the PDM on its own task queue.
  RefPtr<TaskQueue> mTaskQueue;
  bool mCDMDecodesAudio;
  bool mCDMDecodesVideo;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // EMEDecoderModule_h_