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Bug 1460600: Remove unsupported --enable-system-hunspell flag. r=glandium Our bundled Hunspell now significantly differs from upstream Hunspell. Most importantly, it supports loading dictionaries from jar: URIs, which is now a requirement for loading bundled and extension dictionaries. This means that system Hunspell libraries are no longer compatible with our spell checker code. We should remove the option to use them so that users don't fall into the trap of trying to use them. MozReview-Commit-ID: 2ihJe6YOnGf

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * Simple mapping service interface.

[scriptable, uuid(78650582-4e93-4b60-8e85-26ebd3eb14ca)]
interface nsIProperties : nsISupports
     * Gets a property with a given name. 
     * @throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if a property with that name doesn't exist.
     * @throws NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE if the found property fails to QI to the 
     * given iid.
    void get(in string prop, in nsIIDRef iid, 
             [iid_is(iid),retval] out nsQIResult result);

     * Sets a property with a given name to a given value. 
    void set(in string prop, in nsISupports value);

     * Returns true if the property with the given name exists.
    boolean has(in string prop);

     * Undefines a property.
     * @throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if a property with that name doesn't
     * already exist.
    void undefine(in string prop);

     *  Returns an array of the keys.
    void getKeys(out uint32_t count, [array, size_is(count), retval] out string keys);