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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsICommandLine;

 * Handles arguments on the command line of an XUL application.
 * Each handler is registered in the category "command-line-handler".
 * The entries in this category are read in alphabetical order, and each
 * category value is treated as a service contractid implementing this
 * interface.
 * By convention, handler with ordinary priority should begin with "m".
 * Example:
 * Category             Entry          Value
 * command-line-handler b-jsdebug;1
 * command-line-handler c-extensions;1
 * command-line-handler m-edit;1
 * command-line-handler m-irc;1
 * command-line-handler y-final;1
 * @note What do we do about localizing helpInfo? Do we make each handler do it,
 *       or provide a generic solution of some sort? Don't freeze this interface
 *       without thinking about this!

[scriptable, uuid(d4b123df-51ee-48b1-a663-002180e60d3b)]
interface nsICommandLineHandler : nsISupports
   * Process a command line. If this handler finds arguments that it
   * understands, it should perform the appropriate actions (such as opening
   * a window), and remove the arguments from the command-line array.
   * @throw NS_ERROR_ABORT to immediately cease command-line handling
   *        (if this is STATE_INITIAL_LAUNCH, quits the app).
   *        All other exceptions are silently ignored.
  void handle(in nsICommandLine aCommandLine);

   * When the app is launched with the -help argument, this attribute
   * is retrieved and displayed to the user (on stdout). The text should
   * have embedded newlines which wrap at 76 columns, and should include
   * a newline at the end. By convention, the right column which contains flag
   * descriptions begins at the 24th character.
  readonly attribute AUTF8String helpInfo;