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Backed out changeset 8b4e4083639e (bug 1171931) for B2G debug emulator bustage.

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIArray;
interface nsIProfileStartup;

[scriptable, uuid(30e5a7ec-f71e-4f41-9dbd-7429c02132ec)]
interface nsIBrowserProfileMigrator : nsISupports
   * profile items to migrate. use with migrate().
  const unsigned short ALL         = 0x0000;
  const unsigned short SETTINGS    = 0x0001;
  const unsigned short COOKIES     = 0x0002;
  const unsigned short HISTORY     = 0x0004;
  const unsigned short FORMDATA    = 0x0008;
  const unsigned short PASSWORDS   = 0x0010;
  const unsigned short BOOKMARKS   = 0x0020;
  const unsigned short OTHERDATA   = 0x0040;
  const unsigned short SESSION     = 0x0080;

   * Copy user profile information to the current active profile.
   * @param aItems   list of data items to migrate. see above for values.
   * @param aStartup helper interface which is non-null if called during startup. 
   * @param aProfile profile to migrate from, if there is more than one.
  void migrate(in unsigned short aItems, in nsIProfileStartup aStartup, in jsval aProfile);

   * A bit field containing profile items that this migrator
   * offers for import. 
   * @param   aProfile the profile that we are looking for available data
   *          to import
   * @param   aDoingStartup "true" if the profile is not currently being used.
   * @return  bit field containing profile items (see above)
   * @note    a return value of 0 represents no items rather than ALL.
  unsigned short getMigrateData(in jsval aProfile, in boolean aDoingStartup);

   * Whether or not there is any data that can be imported from this 
   * browser (i.e. whether or not it is installed, and there exists
   * a user profile)
  readonly attribute boolean          sourceExists;

   * An enumeration of available profiles. If the import source does 
   * not support profiles, this attribute is null.
  readonly attribute jsval            sourceProfiles;

   * The import source homepage.  Returns null if not present/available
  readonly attribute AUTF8String      sourceHomePageURL;