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Bug 1534788 - add the playback_args option r=Bebe,rwood This patch also removes custom_script and stops executing start() in the constructor. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D23288

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#ifndef mozilla_ipc_SharedMemoryBasic_mach_h
#define mozilla_ipc_SharedMemoryBasic_mach_h

#include "base/file_descriptor_posix.h"
#include "base/process.h"

#include "SharedMemory.h"
#include <mach/port.h>
#include "chrome/common/mach_ipc_mac.h"

#ifdef FUZZING
#  include "SharedMemoryFuzzer.h"

// This is a low-level wrapper around platform shared memory.  Don't
// use it directly; use Shmem allocated through IPDL interfaces.

class MachPortSender;
class ReceivePort;

namespace mozilla {
namespace ipc {

enum {
  kGetPortsMsg = 1,

struct MemoryPorts {
  MachPortSender* mSender;
  ReceivePort* mReceiver;

  MemoryPorts() = default;
  MemoryPorts(MachPortSender* sender, ReceivePort* receiver)
      : mSender(sender), mReceiver(receiver) {}

class SharedMemoryBasic final : public SharedMemoryCommon<mach_port_t> {
  static void SetupMachMemory(pid_t pid, ReceivePort* listen_port,
                              MachPortSender* listen_port_ack,
                              MachPortSender* send_port,
                              ReceivePort* send_port_ack, bool pidIsParent);

  static void CleanupForPid(pid_t pid);

  static void Shutdown();

  static bool SendMachMessage(pid_t pid, MachSendMessage& message,
                              MachReceiveMessage* response);


  virtual bool SetHandle(const Handle& aHandle, OpenRights aRights) override;

  virtual bool Create(size_t aNbytes) override;

  virtual bool Map(size_t nBytes) override;

  virtual void CloseHandle() override;

  virtual void* memory() const override {
#ifdef FUZZING
    return SharedMemoryFuzzer::MutateSharedMemory(mMemory, mAllocSize);
    return mMemory;

  virtual SharedMemoryType Type() const override { return TYPE_BASIC; }

  static Handle NULLHandle() { return Handle(); }

  virtual bool IsHandleValid(const Handle& aHandle) const override;

  virtual bool ShareToProcess(base::ProcessId aProcessId,
                              Handle* aNewHandle) override;


  void Unmap();
  mach_port_t mPort;
  // Pointer to mapped region, null if unmapped.
  void* mMemory;
  // Access rights to map an existing region with.
  OpenRights mOpenRights;

}  // namespace ipc
}  // namespace mozilla

#endif  // ifndef mozilla_ipc_SharedMemoryBasic_mach_h