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Back out bug 665196 to resolve bug 716945 - apparently the single submit-and-reload action caused many plugin crash reports to fail to submit. a=akeybl

<?xml version="1.0"?>
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<!DOCTYPE bindings [
  <!ENTITY % pluginsDTD SYSTEM "chrome://mozapps/locale/plugins/plugins.dtd">
  <!ENTITY % globalDTD SYSTEM "chrome://global/locale/global.dtd">

<bindings id="pluginBindings"
<binding id="pluginProblem" inheritstyle="false">
        <stylesheet src="chrome://mozapps/skin/plugins/pluginProblem.css"/>
        <stylesheet src="chrome://mozapps/content/plugins/pluginProblemContent.css"/>

        <xul:vbox class="mainBox" flex="1" chromedir="&locale.dir;">
            <xul:spacer flex="1"/>
            <xul:box class="icon"/>
            <html:div class="msg msgUnsupported">&missingPlugin;</html:div>
            <html:div class="msg msgClickToPlay">&clickToPlayPlugin;</html:div>
            <html:div class="msg msgDisabled">&disabledPlugin;</html:div>
            <html:div class="msg msgBlocked">&blockedPlugin.label;</html:div>
            <html:div class="msg msgCrashed"><!-- set at runtime --></html:div>

            <html:div class="installStatus">
                <html:div class="msg msgInstallPlugin"><html:a class="installPluginLink" href="">&installPlugin;</html:a></html:div>
            <html:div class="msg msgManagePlugins"><html:a class="managePluginsLink" href="">&managePlugins;</html:a></html:div>
            <html:div class="submitStatus">
                <!-- links set at runtime -->
                <html:div class="msg msgPleaseSubmit"><html:a class="pleaseSubmitLink" href="">&report.please;</html:a></html:div>
                <html:div class="msg msgSubmitting">&report.submitting;<html:span class="throbber"> </html:span></html:div>
                <html:div class="msg msgSubmitted">&report.submitted;</html:div>
                <html:div class="msg msgNotSubmitted">&report.disabled;</html:div>
                <html:div class="msg msgSubmitFailed">&report.failed;</html:div>
                <html:div class="msg msgNoCrashReport">&report.unavailable;</html:div>
                <!-- link href set at runtime -->
                <html:div class="msg msgReload">&reloadPlugin.pre;<html:a class="reloadLink" href="">&reloadPlugin.middle;</html:a>&;</html:div>
            <xul:spacer flex="1"/>
            <html:div class="msg msgBottomLinks">
                <html:span class="helpIcon" role="link"/>
        <html:div style="display:none;"><children/></html:div>