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#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsISHEntry;

[scriptable, uuid(95e425aa-afc6-40a0-9db4-7f210a58310a)]
interface nsIDocShellHistory : nsISupports
   * Get the SHEntry associated with a child docshell
  nsISHEntry getChildSHEntry(in long aChildOffset);

   * Add a Child SHEntry for a frameset page, given the child's loadtype.
  void addChildSHEntry(in nsISHEntry aCloneReference,
                       in nsISHEntry aHistoryEntry,
                       in long aChildOffset,
                       in unsigned long aLoadType);

   * Whether this docshell should save entries in global history.
  attribute boolean useGlobalHistory;

   * Removes nsISHEntry objects related to this docshell from session history.
   * Use this only with subdocuments, like iframes.
  void removeFromSessionHistory();

   * Set when an iframe/frame is added dynamically.
  attribute boolean createdDynamically;

   * Returns false for mLSHE, true for mOSHE
  boolean getCurrentSHEntry(out nsISHEntry aEntry);