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Bug 850380 - Derecursify and optimize XPIDL processing and move into precompile tier; r=glandium

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

r"""Data structures representing Mozilla's source tree.

The frontend files are parsed into static data structures. These data
structures are defined in this module.

All data structures of interest are children of the TreeMetadata class.

Logic for populating these data structures is not defined in this class.
Instead, what we have here are dumb container classes. The emitter module
contains the code for converting executed mozbuild files into these data

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import os

from collections import OrderedDict

class TreeMetadata(object):
    """Base class for all data being captured."""

class ReaderSummary(TreeMetadata):
    """A summary of what the reader did."""

    def __init__(self, total_file_count, total_execution_time):
        self.total_file_count = total_file_count
        self.total_execution_time = total_execution_time

class SandboxDerived(TreeMetadata):
    """Build object derived from a single MozbuildSandbox instance.

    It holds fields common to all sandboxes. This class is likely never
    instantiated directly but is instead derived from.

    __slots__ = (

    def __init__(self, sandbox):
        # Capture the files that were evaluated to build this sandbox.
        self.sandbox_main_path = sandbox.main_path
        self.sandbox_all_paths = sandbox.all_paths

        # Basic directory state.
        self.topsrcdir = sandbox['TOPSRCDIR']
        self.topobjdir = sandbox['TOPOBJDIR']

        self.relativedir = sandbox['RELATIVEDIR']
        self.srcdir = sandbox['SRCDIR']
        self.objdir = sandbox['OBJDIR']

class DirectoryTraversal(SandboxDerived):
    """Describes how directory traversal for building should work.

    This build object is likely only of interest to the recursive make backend.
    Other build backends should (ideally) not attempt to mimic the behavior of
    the recursive make backend. The only reason this exists is to support the
    existing recursive make backend while the transition to mozbuild frontend
    files is complete and we move to a more optimal build backend.

    Fields in this class correspond to similarly named variables in the
    frontend files.
    __slots__ = (

    def __init__(self, sandbox):
        SandboxDerived.__init__(self, sandbox)

        self.dirs = []
        self.parallel_dirs = []
        self.tool_dirs = []
        self.test_dirs = []
        self.test_tool_dirs = []
        self.tier_dirs = OrderedDict()
        self.tier_static_dirs = OrderedDict()
        self.external_make_dirs = []
        self.parallel_external_make_dirs = []

class ConfigFileSubstitution(SandboxDerived):
    """Describes a config file that will be generated using substitutions.

    The output_path attribute defines the relative path from topsrcdir of the
    output file to generate.
    __slots__ = (

    def __init__(self, sandbox):
        SandboxDerived.__init__(self, sandbox)

        self.input_path = None
        self.output_path = None
        self.relpath = None

class VariablePassthru(SandboxDerived):
    """A dict of variables to pass through to unaltered.

    The purpose of this object is to facilitate rapid transitioning of
    variables from to In the ideal world, this class
    does not exist and every variable has a richer class representing it.
    As long as we rely on this class, we lose the ability to have flexibility
    in our build backends since we will continue to be tied to our
    __slots__ = ('variables')

    def __init__(self, sandbox):
        SandboxDerived.__init__(self, sandbox)
        self.variables = {}

class XPIDLFile(SandboxDerived):
    """Describes an XPIDL file to be compiled."""

    __slots__ = (

    def __init__(self, sandbox, source, module):
        SandboxDerived.__init__(self, sandbox)

        self.source_path = source
        self.basename = os.path.basename(source)
        self.module = module

class Exports(SandboxDerived):
    """Sandbox container object for EXPORTS, which is a HierarchicalStringList.

    We need an object derived from SandboxDerived for use in the backend, so
    this object fills that role. It just has a reference to the underlying
    HierarchicalStringList, which is created when parsing EXPORTS.
    __slots__ = ('exports')

    def __init__(self, sandbox, exports):
        SandboxDerived.__init__(self, sandbox)
        self.exports = exports

class IPDLFile(SandboxDerived):
    """Describes an individual .ipdl source file."""

    __slots__ = (

    def __init__(self, sandbox, path):
        SandboxDerived.__init__(self, sandbox)

        self.basename = path

class Program(SandboxDerived):
    """Sandbox container object for PROGRAM, which is a unicode string.

    This class handles automatically appending BIN_SUFFIX to the PROGRAM value.
    If BIN_SUFFIX is not defined, PROGRAM is unchanged.
    Otherwise, if PROGRAM ends in BIN_SUFFIX, it is unchanged
    Otherwise, BIN_SUFFIX is appended to PROGRAM
    __slots__ = ('program')

    def __init__(self, sandbox, program, bin_suffix):
        SandboxDerived.__init__(self, sandbox)

        bin_suffix = bin_suffix or ''
        if not program.endswith(bin_suffix):
            program += bin_suffix
        self.program = program

class XpcshellManifests(SandboxDerived):
    """Build object container for XPCSHELL_TESTS_MANIFESTS (was: XPCSHELL_TESTS).

    This object contains a list of xpcshell.ini manifest files.
    __slots__ = ('xpcshell_manifests')

    def __init__(self, sandbox, manifests):
        SandboxDerived.__init__(self, sandbox)
        self.xpcshell_manifests = manifests