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Bug 1155214 - Mark nsIBidiKeyboard as builtinclass; r=mrbkap ContentChild::RecvBidiKeyboardNotify(), perhaps among other code, assumes the native type implementing this interface, so we must make sure the interface is builtinclass.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[builtinclass, scriptable, uuid(288dae24-76e2-43a3-befe-9d9fabe8014e)]
interface nsIBidiKeyboard : nsISupports
   * Inspects the installed keyboards and resets the bidi keyboard state
  void reset();

   * Determines if the current keyboard language is right-to-left
   * @throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if no right-to-left keyboards are installed
  boolean isLangRTL();

   * Determines whether the system has at least one keyboard of each direction
   * installed.
   * @throws NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED if the widget layer does not provide this
   * information.
  readonly attribute boolean haveBidiKeyboards;