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Bug 1508468: Convert launcher process to use mozilla::Result for error propagation; r=mhowell This patch does a couple of things: * I added a new class, |WindowsError| to WinHeaderOnlyUtils. The idea here is to encapsulate as much of the Windows error gamut as possible into one class. Since Win32 errors and NTSTATUS codes may both be encoded as HRESULTs, I used the latter type to store the error. It also contains functions for converting between the various error code formats, as well as stringification via FormatMessage. * I added |LauncherError| which also includes file and line number information, which I believe will be important for launcher process failure diagnostics. (Instantiation of LauncherErrors obviously must be done via macros to capture __FILE__ and __LINE__). * I then converted all of the launcher process code (and its few depenencies) to utilize this new functionality via the new |LauncherResult| type. * If we detect an error in one of the top-level launcher process functions, we pass it to |HandleLauncherError| for processing. This function currently just throws up a |MessageBox| like the previous code did, with the intention of enhancing that further in the future. Differential Revision:

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OS_LIBS += [



if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] == 'clang-cl':
    AllowCompilerWarnings()  # workaround for bug 1090497