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Bug 1485386 - Move feature-enabling preferences out of unittest/user.js into a separate file r=ahal The unittest/user.js file contained a mix of preferences that ensure tests can run (switching web services to dummy servers to prevent hitting networks, etc) and preferences that enable features that aren't shipping by default (turning on touch events, enabling experimental css features, etc). In the future, we're going to want to run tests of only the features that are being shipped in release builds (or in beta builds, or in esr builds, etc), so we need to move feature-enabling preferences into a different file to make it possible to run tests with various sets of features enabled. This commit just moves feature-enabling prefs into a new file and then includes that file everywhere unittest prefs were already being included, so it should have no functional difference in the set of preferences being set in test runs. It also renames the unittest profile to clarify its purpose, and adds pointers to each profile from the other, and adds comments explaining what they're used for. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D16123

Dropping extensions here will get them installed in all test harnesses
that make use of this profile.