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Backout for changeset 03452b187c14 (Bug 855465) due to bustage on a CLOSED TREE; r=qdot

The buster is a XUL interface to the conformance tests shipped as part of
Xalan. For information about Xalan, please see
For your convenience we provide a packed distribution of all needed files
in Please see the included 
LICENSE.txt or for terms of 
distributing those files.

To use the buster, open buster.xul with an XSLT enabled Mozilla.
Open the rdf index file shipped with the test package into the 
"Xalan index", and the available tests will show up as a tree.
Once you have selected the tests you're interested in, press the button
"run checked tests", and all the tests will be run.
You can save the results into an rdf, and load it for comparison and 
regression hunting.

DiffDOM tries to find out, which tests failed, and will DumpDOM both the
result and the reference solution. Not all reference solutions load
properly, those need manual love.

Good luck and fun

Axel Hecht <>