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Bug 480317 - Provide a way for atk-based plugins to slot into our a11y tree, r=joshmoz, ginn, surkov, trev, patch=btaylor, mcarrion, mgorse

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#ifndef dom_plugins_PluginInstanceChild_h
#define dom_plugins_PluginInstanceChild_h 1

#include "mozilla/plugins/PPluginInstanceChild.h"
#include "mozilla/plugins/PluginScriptableObjectChild.h"
#include "mozilla/plugins/StreamNotifyChild.h"
#include "mozilla/plugins/PPluginSurfaceChild.h"
#if defined(OS_WIN)
#include "mozilla/gfx/SharedDIBWin.h"
#elif defined(OS_MACOSX)
#include "nsCoreAnimationSupport.h"
#include "base/timer.h"

#include "npfunctions.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "ChildAsyncCall.h"
#include "ChildTimer.h"
#include "nsRect.h"
#include "nsTHashtable.h"
#include "mozilla/PaintTracker.h"
#include "gfxASurface.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace plugins {

class PBrowserStreamChild;
class BrowserStreamChild;
class StreamNotifyChild;

class PluginInstanceChild : public PPluginInstanceChild
    friend class BrowserStreamChild;
    friend class PluginStreamChild;
    friend class StreamNotifyChild; 

#ifdef OS_WIN
    friend LRESULT CALLBACK PluginWindowProc(HWND hWnd,
                                             UINT message,
                                             WPARAM wParam,
                                             LPARAM lParam);
    static LRESULT CALLBACK PluginWindowProcInternal(HWND hWnd,
                                                     UINT message,
                                                     WPARAM wParam,
                                                     LPARAM lParam);

    virtual bool AnswerNPP_SetWindow(const NPRemoteWindow& window);

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPP_GetValue_NPPVpluginNeedsXEmbed(bool* needs, NPError* rv);
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPP_GetValue_NPPVpluginScriptableNPObject(PPluginScriptableObjectChild** value,
                                                    NPError* result);
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPP_GetValue_NPPVpluginNativeAccessibleAtkPlugId(nsCString* aPlugId,
                                                     NPError* aResult);
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPP_SetValue_NPNVprivateModeBool(const bool& value, NPError* result);

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPP_HandleEvent(const NPRemoteEvent& event, int16_t* handled);
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPP_HandleEvent_Shmem(const NPRemoteEvent& event, Shmem& mem, int16_t* handled, Shmem* rtnmem);
    virtual bool
    AnswerNPP_HandleEvent_IOSurface(const NPRemoteEvent& event, const uint32_t& surface, int16_t* handled);

    // Async rendering
    virtual bool
    RecvAsyncSetWindow(const gfxSurfaceType& aSurfaceType,
                       const NPRemoteWindow& aWindow);

    virtual void
    DoAsyncSetWindow(const gfxSurfaceType& aSurfaceType,
                     const NPRemoteWindow& aWindow,
                     bool aIsAsync);

    virtual PPluginSurfaceChild* AllocPPluginSurface(const WindowsSharedMemoryHandle&,
                                                     const gfxIntSize&, const bool&) {
        return new PPluginSurfaceChild();

    virtual bool DeallocPPluginSurface(PPluginSurfaceChild* s) {
        delete s;
        return true;

    virtual bool
    AnswerPaint(const NPRemoteEvent& event, int16_t* handled)
        PaintTracker pt;
        return AnswerNPP_HandleEvent(event, handled);

    virtual bool
    RecvWindowPosChanged(const NPRemoteEvent& event);

    virtual bool
    AnswerNPP_Destroy(NPError* result);

    virtual PPluginScriptableObjectChild*

    virtual bool
    DeallocPPluginScriptableObject(PPluginScriptableObjectChild* aObject);

    NS_OVERRIDE virtual bool
    RecvPPluginScriptableObjectConstructor(PPluginScriptableObjectChild* aActor);

    virtual PBrowserStreamChild*
    AllocPBrowserStream(const nsCString& url,
                        const uint32_t& length,
                        const uint32_t& lastmodified,
                        PStreamNotifyChild* notifyData,
                        const nsCString& headers,
                        const nsCString& mimeType,
                        const bool& seekable,
                        NPError* rv,
                        uint16_t *stype);

    virtual bool
            PBrowserStreamChild* aActor,
            const nsCString& url,
            const uint32_t& length,
            const uint32_t& lastmodified,
            PStreamNotifyChild* notifyData,
            const nsCString& headers,
            const nsCString& mimeType,
            const bool& seekable,
            NPError* rv,
            uint16_t* stype);
    virtual bool
    DeallocPBrowserStream(PBrowserStreamChild* stream);

    virtual PPluginStreamChild*
    AllocPPluginStream(const nsCString& mimeType,
                       const nsCString& target,
                       NPError* result);

    virtual bool
    DeallocPPluginStream(PPluginStreamChild* stream);

    virtual PStreamNotifyChild*
    AllocPStreamNotify(const nsCString& url, const nsCString& target,
                       const bool& post, const nsCString& buffer,
                       const bool& file,
                       NPError* result);

    NS_OVERRIDE virtual bool
    DeallocPStreamNotify(PStreamNotifyChild* notifyData);

    virtual bool

    virtual bool

    PluginInstanceChild(const NPPluginFuncs* aPluginIface);

    virtual ~PluginInstanceChild();

    bool Initialize();

    NPP GetNPP()
        return &mData;

    NPN_GetValue(NPNVariable aVariable, void* aValue);

    NPN_SetValue(NPPVariable aVariable, void* aValue);

    GetActorForNPObject(NPObject* aObject);

    NPN_NewStream(NPMIMEType aMIMEType, const char* aWindow,
                  NPStream** aStream);

    void InvalidateRect(NPRect* aInvalidRect);

    uint32_t ScheduleTimer(uint32_t interval, bool repeat, TimerFunc func);
    void UnscheduleTimer(uint32_t id);

    void AsyncCall(PluginThreadCallback aFunc, void* aUserData);

    int GetQuirks();

    void NPN_URLRedirectResponse(void* notifyData, NPBool allow);

    friend class PluginModuleChild;

    InternalGetNPObjectForValue(NPNVariable aValue,
                                NPObject** aObject);

    virtual bool RecvUpdateBackground(const SurfaceDescriptor& aBackground,
                                      const nsIntRect& aRect);

    virtual PPluginBackgroundDestroyerChild*

    virtual bool
    RecvPPluginBackgroundDestroyerConstructor(PPluginBackgroundDestroyerChild* aActor);

    virtual bool
    DeallocPPluginBackgroundDestroyer(PPluginBackgroundDestroyerChild* aActor);

#if defined(OS_WIN)
    static bool RegisterWindowClass();
    bool CreatePluginWindow();
    void DestroyPluginWindow();
    void ReparentPluginWindow(HWND hWndParent);
    void SizePluginWindow(int width, int height);
    int16_t WinlessHandleEvent(NPEvent& event);
    void CreateWinlessPopupSurrogate();
    void DestroyWinlessPopupSurrogate();
    void InitPopupMenuHook();
    void SetupFlashMsgThrottle();
    void UnhookWinlessFlashThrottle();
    void HookSetWindowLongPtr();
    static inline PRBool SetWindowLongHookCheck(HWND hWnd,
                                                int nIndex,
                                                LONG_PTR newLong);
    void FlashThrottleMessage(HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM, bool);
    static LRESULT CALLBACK DummyWindowProc(HWND hWnd,
                                            UINT message,
                                            WPARAM wParam,
                                            LPARAM lParam);
    static LRESULT CALLBACK PluginWindowProc(HWND hWnd,
                                             UINT message,
                                             WPARAM wParam,
                                             LPARAM lParam);
    static BOOL WINAPI TrackPopupHookProc(HMENU hMenu,
                                          UINT uFlags,
                                          int x,
                                          int y,
                                          int nReserved,
                                          HWND hWnd,
                                          CONST RECT *prcRect);
    static BOOL CALLBACK EnumThreadWindowsCallback(HWND hWnd,
                                                   LPARAM aParam);
    static LRESULT CALLBACK WinlessHiddenFlashWndProc(HWND hWnd,
                                                      UINT message,
                                                      WPARAM wParam,
                                                      LPARAM lParam);
#ifdef _WIN64
    static LONG_PTR WINAPI SetWindowLongPtrAHook(HWND hWnd,
                                                 int nIndex,
                                                 LONG_PTR newLong);
    static LONG_PTR WINAPI SetWindowLongPtrWHook(HWND hWnd,
                                                 int nIndex,
                                                 LONG_PTR newLong);
    static LONG WINAPI SetWindowLongAHook(HWND hWnd,
                                          int nIndex,
                                          LONG newLong);
    static LONG WINAPI SetWindowLongWHook(HWND hWnd,
                                          int nIndex,
                                          LONG newLong);

    class FlashThrottleAsyncMsg : public ChildAsyncCall
        FlashThrottleAsyncMsg(PluginInstanceChild* aInst, 
                              HWND aWnd, UINT aMsg,
                              WPARAM aWParam, LPARAM aLParam,
                              bool isWindowed)
          : ChildAsyncCall(aInst, nsnull, nsnull),

        NS_OVERRIDE void Run();

        WNDPROC GetProc();
        HWND GetWnd() { return mWnd; }
        UINT GetMsg() { return mMsg; }
        WPARAM GetWParam() { return mWParam; }
        LPARAM GetLParam() { return mLParam; }

        HWND                 mWnd;
        UINT                 mMsg;
        WPARAM               mWParam;
        LPARAM               mLParam;
        bool                 mWindowed;


    const NPPluginFuncs* mPluginIface;
    NPP_t mData;
    NPWindow mWindow;

    // Cached scriptable actors to avoid IPC churn
    PluginScriptableObjectChild* mCachedWindowActor;
    PluginScriptableObjectChild* mCachedElementActor;

#if defined(MOZ_X11) && defined(XP_UNIX) && !defined(XP_MACOSX)
    NPSetWindowCallbackStruct mWsInfo;
#elif defined(OS_WIN)
    HWND mPluginWindowHWND;
    WNDPROC mPluginWndProc;
    HWND mPluginParentHWND;
    int mNestedEventLevelDepth;
    HWND mCachedWinlessPluginHWND;
    HWND mWinlessPopupSurrogateHWND;
    nsIntPoint mPluginSize;
    WNDPROC mWinlessThrottleOldWndProc;
    HWND mWinlessHiddenMsgHWND;

    friend class ChildAsyncCall;

    Mutex mAsyncCallMutex;
    nsTArray<ChildAsyncCall*> mPendingAsyncCalls;
    nsTArray<nsAutoPtr<ChildTimer> > mTimers;

     * During destruction we enumerate all remaining scriptable objects and
     * invalidate/delete them. Enumeration can re-enter, so maintain a
     * hash separate from PluginModuleChild.mObjectMap.
    nsAutoPtr< nsTHashtable<DeletingObjectEntry> > mDeletingHash;

#if defined(OS_WIN)
    // Shared dib rendering management for windowless plugins.
    bool SharedSurfaceSetWindow(const NPRemoteWindow& aWindow);
    int16_t SharedSurfacePaint(NPEvent& evcopy);
    void SharedSurfaceRelease();
    bool AlphaExtractCacheSetup();
    void AlphaExtractCacheRelease();
    void UpdatePaintClipRect(RECT* aRect);

    enum {
    gfx::SharedDIBWin mSharedSurfaceDib;
    struct {
      PRUint16        doublePass;
      HDC             hdc;
      HBITMAP         bmp;
    } mAlphaExtract;
#endif // defined(OS_WIN)
#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
#if defined(__i386__)
    NPEventModel          mEventModel;
    CGColorSpaceRef       mShColorSpace;
    CGContextRef          mShContext;
    int16_t               mDrawingModel;
    nsCARenderer          mCARenderer;

    const NPCocoaEvent* getCurrentEvent() {
        return mCurrentEvent;

#if defined(__i386__)
    NPEventModel EventModel() { return mEventModel; }

    const NPCocoaEvent   *mCurrentEvent;

    bool CanPaintOnBackground();

    bool IsVisible() {
        return != 0 ||
            mWindow.clipRect.left != 0 ||
            mWindow.clipRect.bottom != 0 ||
            mWindow.clipRect.right != 0;

    // ShowPluginFrame - in general does four things:
    // 1) Create mCurrentSurface optimized for rendering to parent process
    // 2) Updated mCurrentSurface to be a complete copy of mBackSurface
    // 3) Draw the invalidated plugin area into mCurrentSurface
    // 4) Send it to parent process.
    bool ShowPluginFrame(void);

    // If we can read back safely from mBackSurface, copy
    // mSurfaceDifferenceRect from mBackSurface to mFrontSurface.
    // @return Whether the back surface could be read.
    bool ReadbackDifferenceRect(const nsIntRect& rect);

    // Post ShowPluginFrame task
    void AsyncShowPluginFrame(void);

    // In the PaintRect functions, aSurface is the size of the full plugin
    // window. Each PaintRect function renders into the subrectangle aRect of
    // aSurface (possibly more if we're working around a Flash bug).

    // Paint plugin content rectangle to surface with bg color filling
    void PaintRectToSurface(const nsIntRect& aRect,
                            gfxASurface* aSurface,
                            const gfxRGBA& aColor);

    // Render plugin content to surface using
    // white/black image alpha extraction algorithm
    void PaintRectWithAlphaExtraction(const nsIntRect& aRect,
                                      gfxASurface* aSurface);

    // Call plugin NPAPI function to render plugin content to surface
    // @param - aSurface - should be compatible with current platform plugin rendering
    // @return - FALSE if plugin not painted to surface
    void PaintRectToPlatformSurface(const nsIntRect& aRect,
                                    gfxASurface* aSurface);

    // Update NPWindow platform attributes and call plugin "setwindow"
    // @param - aForceSetWindow - call setwindow even if platform attributes are the same
    void UpdateWindowAttributes(bool aForceSetWindow = false);

    // Create optimized mCurrentSurface for parent process rendering
    // @return FALSE if optimized surface not created
    bool CreateOptSurface(void);

    // Create mHelperSurface if mCurrentSurface non compatible with plugins
    // @return TRUE if helper surface created successfully, or not needed
    bool MaybeCreatePlatformHelperSurface(void);

    // Make sure that we have surface for rendering
    bool EnsureCurrentBuffer(void);

    // Helper function for delayed InvalidateRect call
    // non null mCurrentInvalidateTask will call this function
    void InvalidateRectDelayed(void);

    // Clear mCurrentSurface/mCurrentSurfaceActor/mHelperSurface
    void ClearCurrentSurface();

    // Swap mCurrentSurface/mBackSurface and their associated actors
    void SwapSurfaces();

    // Clear all surfaces in response to NPP_Destroy
    void ClearAllSurfaces();

    // Set as true when SetupLayer called
    // and go with different path in InvalidateRect function
    bool mLayersRendering;

    // Current surface available for rendering
    nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> mCurrentSurface;

    // Back surface, just keeping reference to
    // surface which is on ParentProcess side
    nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> mBackSurface;

    // (Not to be confused with mBackSurface).  This is a recent copy
    // of the opaque pixels under our object frame, if
    // |mIsTransparent|.  We ask the plugin render directly onto a
    // copy of the background pixels if available, and fall back on
    // alpha recovery otherwise.
    nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> mBackground;

#ifdef XP_WIN
    // These actors mirror mCurrentSurface/mBackSurface
    PPluginSurfaceChild* mCurrentSurfaceActor;
    PPluginSurfaceChild* mBackSurfaceActor;

    // Accumulated invalidate rect, while back buffer is not accessible,
    // in plugin coordinates.
    nsIntRect mAccumulatedInvalidRect;

    // Plugin only call SetTransparent
    // and does not remember their transparent state
    // and p->getvalue return always false
    bool mIsTransparent;

    // Surface type optimized of parent process
    gfxSurfaceType mSurfaceType;

    // Keep InvalidateRect task pointer to be able Cancel it on Destroy
    CancelableTask *mCurrentInvalidateTask;

    // Keep AsyncSetWindow task pointer to be able to Cancel it on Destroy
    CancelableTask *mCurrentAsyncSetWindowTask;

    // True while plugin-child in plugin call
    // Use to prevent plugin paint re-enter
    bool mPendingPluginCall;

    // On some platforms, plugins may not support rendering to a surface with
    // alpha, or not support rendering to an image surface.
    // In those cases we need to draw to a temporary platform surface; we cache
    // that surface here.
    nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> mHelperSurface;

    // true when plugin does not support painting to ARGB32 surface
    // this is false for maemo platform, and false if plugin
    // supports NPPVpluginTransparentAlphaBool (which is not part of NPAPI yet)
    bool mDoAlphaExtraction;

    // true when the plugin has painted at least once. We use this to ensure
    // that we ask a plugin to paint at least once even if it's invisible;
    // some plugin (instances) rely on this in order to work properly.
    bool mHasPainted;

    // Cached rectangle rendered to previous surface(mBackSurface)
    // Used for reading back to current surface and syncing data,
    // in plugin coordinates.
    nsIntRect mSurfaceDifferenceRect;

    // Maemo5 Flash does not remember WindowlessLocal state
    // we should listen for NPP values negotiation and remember it
    PRPackedBool          mMaemoImageRendering;

} // namespace plugins
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // ifndef dom_plugins_PluginInstanceChild_h