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Bug 1107706: Part 2: Add error module and WebDriver error objects Adds the ability to throw error objects for WebDriver statuses, and an error module with convenience functions for manipulation of these and for handling other error related operations.

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#ifndef mozilla_a11y_RootAccessible_h__
#define mozilla_a11y_RootAccessible_h__

#include "HyperTextAccessible.h"
#include "DocAccessibleWrap.h"

#include "nsIDOMEventListener.h"

class nsIDocument;

namespace mozilla {
namespace a11y {

class RootAccessible : public DocAccessibleWrap,
                       public nsIDOMEventListener

  RootAccessible(nsIDocument* aDocument, nsIContent* aRootContent,
                 nsIPresShell* aPresShell);

  // nsIDOMEventListener
  NS_IMETHOD HandleEvent(nsIDOMEvent* aEvent) override;

  // Accessible
  virtual void Shutdown() override;
  virtual mozilla::a11y::ENameValueFlag Name(nsString& aName) override;
  virtual Relation RelationByType(RelationType aType) override;
  virtual mozilla::a11y::role NativeRole() override;
  virtual uint64_t NativeState() override;

  // RootAccessible

   * Notify that the sub document presshell was activated.
  virtual void DocumentActivated(DocAccessible* aDocument);

  virtual ~RootAccessible();

   * Add/remove DOM event listeners.
  virtual nsresult AddEventListeners() override;
  virtual nsresult RemoveEventListeners() override;

   * Process the DOM event.
  void ProcessDOMEvent(nsIDOMEvent* aEvent);

   * Process "popupshown" event. Used by HandleEvent().
  void HandlePopupShownEvent(Accessible* aAccessible);

   * Process "popuphiding" event. Used by HandleEvent().
  void HandlePopupHidingEvent(nsINode* aNode);

#ifdef MOZ_XUL
    void HandleTreeRowCountChangedEvent(nsIDOMEvent* aEvent,
                                        XULTreeAccessible* aAccessible);
    void HandleTreeInvalidatedEvent(nsIDOMEvent* aEvent,
                                    XULTreeAccessible* aAccessible);

    uint32_t GetChromeFlags();

inline RootAccessible*
  return IsRoot() ? static_cast<mozilla::a11y::RootAccessible*>(this) : nullptr;

} // namespace a11y
} // namespace mozilla