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Bug 916972 - Eliminate nsIFrame::GetSplittableType() completely. r=mats,dholbert Currently, GetSplittableType() is called only in nsCSSFrameConstructor::CreateContinuingFrame(). The splittable concrete frames should inherit from nsSplittableFrame, and must explicitly create continuing frame in CreateContinuingFrame(). Thus, no need to maintain GetSplittableType(). Differential Revision:

mozboot - Bootstrap your system to build Mozilla projects

This package contains code used for bootstrapping a system to build

This code is not part of the build system per se. Instead, it is related
to everything up to invoking the actual build system.

If you have a copy of the source tree, you run:

    python bin/

If you don't have a copy of the source tree, you can run:

    curl | python -

The bootstrap script will download everything it needs from