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Bug 1436389 - Upgrade ESLint to version 4.17.0. r=mossop MozReview-Commit-ID: I4KBELxhBlM

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// The header <X11/X.h> defines "None" as a macro that expands to "0L".
// This is terrible because many enumerations have an enumerator named "None".
// To work around this, we undefine the macro "None", and define a replacement
// macro named "X11None".
// Include this header after including X11 headers, where necessary.
#ifdef None
#  undef None
#  define X11None 0L
// <X11/X.h> also defines "RevertToNone" as a macro that expands to "(int)None".
// Since we are undefining "None", that stops working. To keep it working,
// we undefine "RevertToNone" and redefine it in terms of "X11None".
#  ifdef RevertToNone
#    undef RevertToNone
#    define RevertToNone (int)X11None
#  endif