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#ifndef __mozilla_widget_TaskbarWindowPreview_h__
#define __mozilla_widget_TaskbarWindowPreview_h__

#include "nsITaskbarWindowPreview.h"
#include "nsITaskbarProgress.h"
#include "nsITaskbarOverlayIconController.h"
#include "TaskbarPreview.h"
#include <nsWeakReference.h>

namespace mozilla {
namespace widget {

class TaskbarPreviewButton;
class TaskbarWindowPreview : public TaskbarPreview,
                             public nsITaskbarWindowPreview,
                             public nsITaskbarProgress,
                             public nsITaskbarOverlayIconController,
                             public nsSupportsWeakReference
  TaskbarWindowPreview(ITaskbarList4 *aTaskbar, nsITaskbarPreviewController *aController, HWND aHWND, nsIDocShell *aShell);
  virtual ~TaskbarWindowPreview();


  virtual LRESULT WndProc(UINT nMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  virtual nsresult ShowActive(bool active);
  virtual HWND &PreviewWindow();

  virtual nsresult UpdateTaskbarProperties();
  virtual nsresult Enable();
  virtual nsresult Disable();
  virtual void DetachFromNSWindow();
  nsresult UpdateButton(uint32_t index);
  nsresult UpdateButtons();

  // Is custom drawing enabled?
  bool                    mCustomDrawing;
  // Have we made any buttons?
  bool                    mHaveButtons;
  // Windows button format
  THUMBBUTTON             mThumbButtons[nsITaskbarWindowPreview::NUM_TOOLBAR_BUTTONS];
  // Pointers to our button class (cached instances)
  nsWeakPtr               mWeakButtons[nsITaskbarWindowPreview::NUM_TOOLBAR_BUTTONS];

  // Called to update ITaskbarList4 dependent properties
  nsresult UpdateTaskbarProgress();
  nsresult UpdateOverlayIcon();

  // The taskbar progress
  TBPFLAG                 mState;
  ULONGLONG               mCurrentValue;
  ULONGLONG               mMaxValue;

  // Taskbar overlay icon
  HICON                   mOverlayIcon;
  nsString                mIconDescription;

  // WindowHook procedure for hooking mWnd for taskbar progress and icon stuff
  static bool TaskbarWindowHook(void *aContext,
                                  HWND hWnd, UINT nMsg,
                                  WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam,
                                  LRESULT *aResult);

  friend class TaskbarPreviewButton;

} // namespace widget
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* __mozilla_widget_TaskbarWindowPreview_h__ */