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#ifndef nsXBLProtoImplMethod_h__
#define nsXBLProtoImplMethod_h__

#include "nsIAtom.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "jsapi.h"
#include "nsIContent.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsXBLProtoImplMember.h"

struct nsXBLParameter {
  nsXBLParameter* mNext;
  char* mName;

  nsXBLParameter(const nsAString& aName) {
    mName = ToNewCString(aName);
    mNext = nsnull;

  ~nsXBLParameter() {
    delete mNext;

struct nsXBLUncompiledMethod {
  nsXBLParameter* mParameters;
  nsXBLParameter* mLastParameter;
  nsXBLTextWithLineNumber mBodyText;

  nsXBLUncompiledMethod() :

  ~nsXBLUncompiledMethod() {
    delete mParameters;

  PRInt32 GetParameterCount() {
    PRInt32 result = 0;
    for (nsXBLParameter* curr = mParameters; curr; curr=curr->mNext)
    return result;

  void AppendBodyText(const nsAString& aText) {

  void AddParameter(const nsAString& aText) {
    nsXBLParameter* param = new nsXBLParameter(aText);
    if (!param)
    if (!mParameters)
      mParameters = param;
      mLastParameter->mNext = param;
    mLastParameter = param;

  void SetLineNumber(PRUint32 aLineNumber) {

class nsXBLProtoImplMethod: public nsXBLProtoImplMember
  nsXBLProtoImplMethod(const PRUnichar* aName);
  virtual ~nsXBLProtoImplMethod();

  void AppendBodyText(const nsAString& aBody);
  void AddParameter(const nsAString& aName);

  void SetLineNumber(PRUint32 aLineNumber);
  virtual nsresult InstallMember(nsIScriptContext* aContext,
                                 nsIContent* aBoundElement, 
                                 void* aScriptObject,
                                 void* aTargetClassObject,
                                 const nsCString& aClassStr);
  virtual nsresult CompileMember(nsIScriptContext* aContext,
                                 const nsCString& aClassStr,
                                 void* aClassObject);

  virtual void Trace(TraceCallback aCallback, void *aClosure) const;

  PRBool IsCompiled() const
    return !(mUncompiledMethod & BIT_UNCOMPILED);
  void SetUncompiledMethod(nsXBLUncompiledMethod* aUncompiledMethod)
    mUncompiledMethod = PRUptrdiff(aUncompiledMethod) | BIT_UNCOMPILED;
  nsXBLUncompiledMethod* GetUncompiledMethod() const
    PRUptrdiff unmasked = mUncompiledMethod & ~BIT_UNCOMPILED;
    return reinterpret_cast<nsXBLUncompiledMethod*>(unmasked);

  enum { BIT_UNCOMPILED = 1 << 0 };

  union {
    PRUptrdiff mUncompiledMethod; // An object that represents the method before being compiled.
    JSObject* mJSMethodObject;    // The JS object for the method (after compilation)

#ifdef DEBUG
  PRBool mIsCompiled;

class nsXBLProtoImplAnonymousMethod : public nsXBLProtoImplMethod {
  nsXBLProtoImplAnonymousMethod() :
  nsresult Execute(nsIContent* aBoundElement);

  // Override InstallMember; these methods never get installed as members on
  // binding instantiations (though they may hang out in mMembers on the
  // prototype implementation).
  virtual nsresult InstallMember(nsIScriptContext* aContext,
                                 nsIContent* aBoundElement, 
                                 void* aScriptObject,
                                 void* aTargetClassObject,
                                 const nsCString& aClassStr) {
    return NS_OK;

#endif // nsXBLProtoImplMethod_h__