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Bug 554155 - history.pushState should fire onLocationChange only once. r=smaug

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * The nsIDocShellLoadInfo interface defines an interface for specifying
 * setup information used in a nsIDocShell::loadURI call.
interface nsIURI;
interface nsIInputStream;
interface nsISHEntry;

typedef long nsDocShellInfoLoadType;

[scriptable, uuid(92a0a637-373e-4647-9476-ead11e005c75)]
interface nsIDocShellLoadInfo : nsISupports
    /** This is the referrer for the load. */
    attribute nsIURI referrer;

    /** The owner of the load, that is, the entity responsible for 
     *  causing the load to occur. This should be a nsIPrincipal typically.
    attribute nsISupports owner;

    /** If this attribute is true and no owner is specified, copy
     *  the owner from the referring document.
    attribute boolean inheritOwner;

    /** If this attribute is true only ever use the owner specify by
     *  the owner and inheritOwner attributes.
     *  If there are security reasons for why this is unsafe, such
     *  as trying to use a systemprincipal owner for a content docshell
     *  the load fails.
    attribute boolean ownerIsExplicit;

    /* these are load type enums... */
    const long loadNormal = 0;                     // Normal Load
    const long loadNormalReplace = 1;              // Normal Load but replaces current history slot
    const long loadHistory = 2;                    // Load from history
    const long loadReloadNormal = 3;               // Reload
    const long loadReloadBypassCache = 4;
    const long loadReloadBypassProxy = 5;
    const long loadReloadBypassProxyAndCache = 6;
    const long loadLink = 7;
    const long loadRefresh = 8;
    const long loadReloadCharsetChange = 9;
    const long loadBypassHistory = 10;
    const long loadStopContent = 11;
    const long loadStopContentAndReplace = 12;
    const long loadNormalExternal = 13;
    const long loadNormalBypassCache = 14;
    const long loadNormalBypassProxy = 15;
    const long loadNormalBypassProxyAndCache = 16;
    const long loadPushState = 17;                 // history.pushState or replaceState

    /** Contains a load type as specified by the load* constants */
    attribute nsDocShellInfoLoadType loadType;

    /** SHEntry for this page */
    attribute nsISHEntry SHEntry;

    /** Target for load, like _content, _blank etc. */
    attribute wstring target;

    /** Post data */
    attribute nsIInputStream postDataStream;

    /** Additional headers */
    attribute nsIInputStream headersStream;

    /** True if the referrer should be sent, false if it shouldn't be
     *  sent, even if it's available. This attribute defaults to true.
    attribute boolean sendReferrer;