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interface nsISupports;

interface JSWindowActor {
  void sendAsyncMessage(DOMString messageName,
                        optional any obj,
                        optional any transfers);

  Promise<any> sendQuery(DOMString messageName,
                         optional any obj,
                         optional any transfers);

[ChromeOnly, ChromeConstructor]
interface JSWindowActorParent {
  readonly attribute WindowGlobalParent manager;
JSWindowActorParent implements JSWindowActor;

[ChromeOnly, ChromeConstructor]
interface JSWindowActorChild {
  readonly attribute WindowGlobalChild manager;

  readonly attribute Document? document;

  readonly attribute BrowsingContext? browsingContext;

  // NOTE: As this returns a window proxy, it may not be currently referencing
  // the document associated with this JSWindowActor. Generally prefer using
  // `document`.
  readonly attribute WindowProxy? contentWindow;
JSWindowActorChild implements JSWindowActor;

// WebIDL callback interface version of the nsIObserver interface for use when
// calling the observe method on JSWindowActors.
// NOTE: This isn't marked as ChromeOnly, as it has no interface object, and
// thus cannot be conditionally exposed.
callback interface MozObserverCallback {
  void observe(nsISupports subject, ByteString topic, DOMString? data);