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Bug 1187784 (part 8) - Replace nsBaseHashtable::EnumerateRead() calls in layout/ with iterators. r=heycam. This fixes a type bug in CSSVariableDeclarations::MapRuleInfoInto(). The existing code passes aRuleData->mVariables.get(), which has type |CSSVariableDeclarations*|, into the |void*| parameter to EnumerateRead(). It then extracts that in EnumerateVariableForMapRuleInfoInto() via a cast to a different type, |nsDataHashtable<nsStringHashKey, nsString>*|. It's missing an intermediate access of CSSVariableDeclarations::mVariables. It's likely that this hasn't (seemingly) caused problems prior to now because mVariables is the only field in CSSVariableDeclarations, so mVariables->mVariables is at the same address as mVariables.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface inISearchProcess;

[scriptable, uuid(46226D9B-E398-4106-8D9B-225D4D0589F5)]
interface inISearchObserver : nsISupports
  // result codes which are sent to onSearchEnd
  const short IN_SUCCESS = 1; // search completed successfully
  const short IN_INTERRUPTED = 2; // search stopped due to user interruption
  const short IN_ERROR = 3; // search stopped due to an error

  void onSearchStart(in inISearchProcess aModule);
  void onSearchResult(in inISearchProcess aModule);
  void onSearchEnd(in inISearchProcess aModule, in short aResult);
  void onSearchError(in inISearchProcess aModule, in AString aMessage);