Build fix followup to bug 506714.
authorDavid Anderson <>
Wed, 19 Aug 2009 16:42:25 -0700
changeset 31904 c7b5f61928098fad9c0dcf520ea01644c81e8a07
parent 31903 427326d92dfbe6d9cda5004eaade7253ffe13b94
child 31905 3d98dade7db3ca2c8f9611e9e691a9875272efbc
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Build fix followup to bug 506714.
--- a/js/src/jstracer.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jstracer.cpp
@@ -3470,17 +3470,19 @@ TraceRecorder::copy(VMSideExit* copy)
      * BIG FAT WARNING: If compilation fails we don't reset the lirbuf, so it's
      * safe to keep references to the side exits here. If we ever start
      * clearing those lirbufs, we have to make sure we purge the side exits
      * that then no longer will be in valid memory.
     if (exit->exitType == LOOP_EXIT)
+#if defined JS_JIT_SPEW
     TreevisLogExit(cx, exit);
     return exit;
  * Emit a guard for condition (cond), expecting to evaluate to boolean result
  * (expected) and generate a side exit with type exitType to jump to if the
  * condition does not hold.