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Tue Jun 02 17:36:08 2015 +0000
5b3f1796ddf64171475ab4c0e06604d19fa1fe8bSeth Fowler — Bug 1169881 - Recompute image visibility when display port margins change. r=tn, a=jocheng
a4a5092bd193125cf81bdc38a4e7be37979a13b1Seth Fowler — Bug 1169880 - Recompute image visibility on a timer if layout or style flushes have occurred. r=tn, a=jocheng
1f88b045ac6ccbb938da92f0f0f84fe2dee05dd5Seth Fowler — Bug 1169879 - Use only the critical displayport when computing image visibility. r=tn, a=jocheng
ae1282b33319c76bede150fd2a42dac871aeede8Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1155985 - Set FieldInto::mType just before storing to reserved slot. r=jonco, a=jocheng
066d969aebac34baaa655d96b35dca031b95cbfdTing-Yu Chou — Bug 1168281 - Instantiate SpecialPowers only if it is not existed when Marionette executes script in sandbox. r=dburns, a=jocheng