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Wed Mar 11 01:44:59 2015 +0000
2df322a91b53a68d1cc53d1e8c52bd55e870b848Botond Ballo — Bug 1136914 - Don't lose scale from parent document when descending into subdocument. r=tn, a=bajaj
858e83b937de482297ee0d862dd3ecba381d4ef9Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] — Bug 1137048 - Map settings ril.debugging.enabled to preference. r=fabrice, a=bajaj
46767b87fb145fcde314d7046b728f8cf07f2b38Andrew Sutherland — Bug 825318 - Implement adoptDownload for mozDownloadManager. r=aus, r=sicking, a=bajaj
d109a462ed4d22a23498bc869f8acac09b6e64b3Andrew Sutherland — Bug 1125989 - Avoid OS.File request lossage during worker shutdown. r=yoric, a=doliver
7004f1d278ed8ba624ecfe926494c0bce262a24cBevis Tseng — Bug 1130292 - Allow to receive WAP Push in which reserved port numbers is used. r=echen, a=bajaj
e969ac9790e6b23ca9b98253f74e4e1d22a6725bEdgar Chen — Bug 1129946 - [STK] Add result code for "Command performed successfully, but requested icon could not be displayed". r=hsinyi, a=bajaj