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Mon May 11 21:56:27 2015 +0000
70782f19acbfc2f1d7c74444b9d9cd027a7e56f6Ben Tian — Bug 1156503 - Update device name from |RemoteDevicePropertiesNotification| during discovery. r=shuang, a=kkuo
ae7e61e290cbc76b4cc966a95a3dae27bd54e964Edwin Flores — Bug 1150322 - Fix duration parsing in MediaOmxReader. r=sotaro, a=jocheng
28b7fe8921516a355cbca82dbcd0691e5e8581ccBen Turner — Bug 1155634 - Move ConnectionPool creation closer to where we actually use it and at a point guaranteed to be after QuotaManager has been started. r=khuey, a=jocheng
d38edfcbbf8e8a7ba60ce391a4ba50b85e4f92ecBen Turner — Bug 1157029 - More changes to bulletproof shutdown of failed connections. r=janv, a=jocheng
2931e303ab30de7fb34f8c71d438d3369063ceddBen Turner — Bug 1156063 - Intermittent application crashed [@ mozilla::dom::indexedDB::::ConnectionPool::Start] in various tests. r=janv, a=jocheng
636bb6075153bd9513685741ece092a5ff55dd94Morris Tseng — Bug 1151111 - Append iframe2 after iframe1 has loaded. r=kchen, a=test-only
351a0a758c1039fc2ebc90176abd03fac6438d3bSeth Fowler — Bug 1148696 - Enable image locking on B2G. r=tn, a=bajaj