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Wed Jan 21 01:09:36 2015 +0000
7762046d329655298b2155f449aa0612e403101aBotond Ballo — Bug 1120566 - Adjust points sent from APZ to Gecko for the 'scale-to-resolution' transform in APZCCallbackHelper::ApplyCallbackTransform. r=kats, a=bajaj
b20871154f131a6b9bfca3c0e79f59f35eced4acKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1122276 - Inline the BuildOverscrollHandoffChain callsite of GetTargetAPZC to avoid re-entering the tree lock and deadlocking. r=botond, a=bajaj
165ce3a4462179fd924de32506e00d251a50c262Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1122276 - Move lock from GetTargetNode to call sites. r=botond, a=bajaj
54e1067836db34f9c3181a10b476306ce35885aeYoshi Huang — Bug 1122357 - Remove [Pure] for r=bzbarsky, a=bajaj
be580b96acb1197c1bc93e905220f25236862530Bruce Sun — Bug 1121930 - Sync Bluetooth daemon protocol with BlueZ 5.27. r=shuang, a=bajaj
016ef62fa791adff828680b402dcc99af6b8e35fYoshi Huang — Bug 1093517 - Remove impl for connect and close of MozNFCTag. r=dimi, a=bajaj
a652a4c0483578dc759a7bcb599bd57b2869c6f1Yoshi Huang — Bug 1121840 - Use Cu.cloneInto for the result of NFCTag.transceive. r=dimi, a=bajaj
c7e49ae6384dcca769f8ed2a8e44a831941cf590Yoshi Huang — Bug 1121818 - Reject promise with instance of 'Error'. r=dimi, a=bajaj