created 2012-07-05 15:02 -0700
pushed unknown
Felipe Gomes Felipe Gomes - Bug 769955. Change the window name to 'default' as nsXULWindow uses the window name to search for the icon to display. r=myk
created 2012-06-28 22:27 -0700
pushed unknown
Felipe Gomes Felipe Gomes - Bug 759619. Center webapp on screen on first run, and persist size and position values afterwards. r=myk
created 2012-04-26 16:55 -0700
pushed unknown
Edward Lee Edward Lee - Bug 732631 - Selecting to a open a new window within an app, then exiting the app does not shut down the application [r=myk]
created 2012-04-17 07:11 -0700
pushed unknown
Myk Melez Myk Melez - bug 725408 - implement WebappRT launcher/shell; r=bsmedberg
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