created 2007-08-21 19:57 -0700
pushed unknown
bzbarsky bzbarsky - Make sure to process style updates before reflow, and both before painting. Bug 375436, r+sr=roc, a=dbaron
created 2007-07-08 00:08 -0700
pushed unknown
jwalden jwalden - Bug 348748 - Replace all instances of NS_STATIC_CAST and friends with C++ casts (and simultaneously bitrot nearly every patch in existence). r=bsmedberg on the script that did this. Tune in next time for Macro Wars: Episode II: Attack on the LL_* Macros.
created 2007-07-02 13:56 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Bug 385222: Topmost overlapping div does not scroll within the bounded area of the underlying div. r+sr=roc.
created 2007-06-29 18:41 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Bug 382756: ASSERTION: When exactly is this supposed to be non-zero?. r+sr=roc.
created 2007-06-27 23:05 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Remove assertion accidentally checked in.
created 2007-06-27 23:02 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Bug 382595: SVG image is covered with horizonal lines when scrolled. r+sr=roc.
created 2007-06-27 14:23 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Bug 385978: View cleanup. r+sr=roc
created 2007-05-27 20:17 -0700
pushed unknown
roc+ roc+ - Bug 343430. Reduce the area we scroll on Windows to reduce flicker by excluding areas that shouldn't be moving. On Linux, since we can't control the area we scroll, just disable accelerated scrolling in that case and repaint everything. r+sr=dbaron
created 2007-05-22 20:45 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Relanding bug 380438: Black lines appearing on the Opera Desktop Team Blog comments. r+sr=roc.
created 2007-05-22 18:57 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Backing out due to red tree.
created 2007-05-22 18:42 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Bug 380438: Black lines appearing on the Opera Desktop Team Blog comments. r+sr=roc
created 2007-05-17 23:02 -0700
pushed unknown
dbaron dbaron - Remove unused variable/parameter in view code. b=371392 r+sr=roc
created 2007-05-04 16:28 -0700
pushed unknown
sharparrow1 sharparrow1 - Bug 378662: Get rid of PresShellViewEventListener. r+sr=roc
created 2007-04-29 17:46 -0700
pushed unknown
mats palmgren mats palmgren - Lookup the view again since WillPaint() might lead to its destruction. b=378273 r+sr=roc
created 2007-04-18 06:44 -0700
pushed unknown
aaronleventhal aaronleventhal - Bug 348621. Contents of <iframe> not firing valid accessibility events. r+sr=roc
created 2007-03-26 23:21 -0700
pushed unknown
joshmoz joshmoz - get rid of old backbuffer API and related code. b=371392 r/sr=roc
created 2007-03-22 10:30 -0700
pushed unknown
hg hg - Free the (distributed) Lizard! Automatic merge from CVS: Module mozilla: tag HG_REPO_INITIAL_IMPORT at 22 Mar 2007 10:30 PDT,
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