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Bug 570625, part 2: Add a SurfaceDescriptorX11 datatype that abstracts what's needed to share an Xlib surface to another process. r=karl sr=shaver

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#ifndef IPC_ShadowLayerUtils_h
#define IPC_ShadowLayerUtils_h

#include "IPC/IPCMessageUtils.h"
#include "Layers.h"

#if defined(MOZ_X11)
#  include "mozilla/layers/ShadowLayerUtilsX11.h"
namespace mozilla { namespace layers {
struct SurfaceDescriptorX11 {
  bool operator==(const SurfaceDescriptorX11&) const { return false; }
} }

namespace IPC {

template <>
struct ParamTraits<mozilla::layers::FrameMetrics>
  typedef mozilla::layers::FrameMetrics paramType;

  static void Write(Message* aMsg, const paramType& aParam)
    WriteParam(aMsg, aParam.mViewportSize);
    WriteParam(aMsg, aParam.mViewportScrollOffset);
    WriteParam(aMsg, aParam.mDisplayPort);

  static bool Read(const Message* aMsg, void** aIter, paramType* aResult)
    return (ReadParam(aMsg, aIter, &aResult->mViewportSize) &&
            ReadParam(aMsg, aIter, &aResult->mViewportScrollOffset) &&
            ReadParam(aMsg, aIter, &aResult->mDisplayPort));

template <>
struct ParamTraits<mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptorX11> {
  typedef mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptorX11 paramType;
  static void Write(Message*, const paramType&) {}
  static bool Read(const Message*, void**, paramType*) { return false; }


#endif // IPC_ShadowLayerUtils_h