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Bug 634155: Account for NewCompartment's memory, and change allocation APIs (r=nnethercote) This changes the allocation API, in the following way: js_malloc -> {cx->,rt->,OffTheBooks::}malloc js_calloc -> {cx->,rt->,OffTheBooks::}calloc js_realloc -> {cx->,rt->,OffTheBooks::}realloc js_free -> {cx->,rt->,Foreground::,UnwantedForeground::}free js_new -> {cx->,rt->,OffTheBooks::}new_ js_new_array -> {cx->,rt->,OffTheBooks::}new_array js_delete -> {cx->,rt->,Foreground::,UnwantedForeground::}delete_ This is to move as many allocations as possible through a JSContext (so that they may be aken into account by gcMallocBytes) and to move as many deallocations to the background as possible (except on error paths).

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