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Bug 808346 - Don't scan sys.path to discover mach commands; r=jhammel All mach modules are now explicitly listed in the mach driver.

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

#include <stdlib.h>


class ADLog {


    // Use typedef in case somebody wants to process 64-bit output on a
    // 32-bit machine someday.
    typedef const char* Pointer;

    struct Entry {
        Pointer address;
        const char *type;

        const char *data;         // The contents of the memory.
        size_t datasize;

        const char *allocation_stack;


     * Returns false on failure and true on success.
    bool Read(const char *aFilename);

    // Link structure for a circularly linked list.
    struct EntryBlock;
    struct EntryBlockLink {
        EntryBlock *mPrev;
        EntryBlock *mNext;

    struct EntryBlock : public EntryBlockLink {
        Entry entries[ADLOG_ENTRY_BLOCK_SIZE];

    size_t mEntryCount;
    EntryBlockLink mEntries;


    class const_iterator {
            // Only |ADLog| member functions can construct iterators.
            friend class ADLog;
            const_iterator(EntryBlock *aBlock, size_t aOffset);

            const Entry* operator*() { return mCur; }
            const Entry* operator->() { return mCur; }

            const_iterator& operator++();
            const_iterator& operator--();

            bool operator==(const const_iterator& aOther) const {
                return mCur == aOther.mCur;

            bool operator!=(const const_iterator& aOther) const {
                return mCur != aOther.mCur;

            void SetBlock(EntryBlock *aBlock) {
                mBlock = aBlock;
                mBlockStart = aBlock->entries;
                mBlockEnd = aBlock->entries + ADLOG_ENTRY_BLOCK_SIZE;

            EntryBlock *mBlock;
            Entry *mCur, *mBlockStart, *mBlockEnd;

            // Not to be implemented.
            const_iterator operator++(int);
            const_iterator operator--(int);

    const_iterator begin() {
        return const_iterator(mEntries.mNext, 0);
    const_iterator end() {
        return const_iterator(mEntries.mPrev,
                              mEntryCount % ADLOG_ENTRY_BLOCK_SIZE);

    size_t count() { return mEntryCount; }