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Bug 808346 - Don't scan sys.path to discover mach commands; r=jhammel All mach modules are now explicitly listed in the mach driver.

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#include "nsIDOMEventTarget.idl"

interface nsIDOMDOMRequest;
interface nsIDOMBlob;
interface nsIDOMBluetoothDevice;

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(6a4a9415-cda3-4a19-b79e-05d9bc2c2700)]
interface nsIDOMBluetoothAdapter : nsIDOMEventTarget
  readonly attribute DOMString address;
  [binaryname(AdapterClass)] readonly attribute unsigned long class;
  readonly attribute bool enabled;
  readonly attribute bool discovering;

  readonly attribute jsval devices;

  readonly attribute jsval uuids;
  readonly attribute DOMString name;
  readonly attribute bool discoverable;
  // Unit: sec
  readonly attribute unsigned long discoverableTimeout;

  nsIDOMDOMRequest setName(in DOMString name);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest setDiscoverable(in bool discoverable);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest setDiscoverableTimeout(in unsigned long timeout);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest startDiscovery();
  nsIDOMDOMRequest stopDiscovery();
  nsIDOMDOMRequest pair(in nsIDOMBluetoothDevice aDevice);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest unpair(in nsIDOMBluetoothDevice aDevice);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest getPairedDevices();
  nsIDOMDOMRequest setPinCode(in DOMString aDeviceAddress, in DOMString aPinCode);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest setPasskey(in DOMString aDeviceAddress, in unsigned long aPasskey);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest setPairingConfirmation(in DOMString aDeviceAddress, in bool aConfirmation);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest setAuthorization(in DOMString aDeviceAddress, in bool aAllow);

   * Connect/Disconnect to a specific service of a target remote device. 
   * To check the value of service UUIDs, please check "Bluetooth Assigned 
   * Numbers" / "Service Discovery Protocol" for more information.
   * @param aDeviceAddress Remote device address
   * @param aProfile 2-octets service UUID
  nsIDOMDOMRequest connect(in DOMString aDeviceAddress, in unsigned short aProfile);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest disconnect(in unsigned short aProfile);

  // One device can only send one file at a time
  nsIDOMDOMRequest sendFile(in DOMString aDeviceAddress, in nsIDOMBlob aBlob);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest stopSendingFile(in DOMString aDeviceAddress);
  nsIDOMDOMRequest confirmReceivingFile(in DOMString aDeviceAddress, in bool aConfirmation);

  // Fired when discoverying and any device is discovered.
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval ondevicefound;
  // Fired when any device is out of discoverable range.
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval ondevicedisappeared;
  // Fired when any device is created.
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval ondevicecreated;
  // Fired when a property of the adapter is changed
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onpropertychanged;
  // Pairing related events
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onrequestconfirmation;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onrequestpincode;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onrequestpasskey;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onauthorize;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval oncancel;