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 * This header is the "anti-header" for mozalloc_macro_wrappers.h.
 * Including it undefines all the macros defined by
 * mozalloc_macro_wrappers.h.

#ifndef mozilla_mozalloc_macro_wrappers_h
#  error "mozalloc macro wrappers haven't been defined"

 * This allows the wrappers to be redefined by including
 * mozalloc_macro_wrappers.h again 
#undef mozilla_mozalloc_macro_wrappers_h

#undef free
#undef malloc
#undef calloc
#undef realloc
#undef strdup

#if defined(HAVE_STRNDUP)
#  undef strndup

#  undef posix_memalign

#  undef memalign

#if defined(HAVE_VALLOC)
#  undef valloc