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#ifndef nsClipboard_h__
#define nsClipboard_h__

#include <Pt.h>

#include "nsIClipboard.h"
#include "nsITransferable.h"
#include "nsIClipboardOwner.h"
#include <nsCOMPtr.h>

class nsITransferable;
class nsIClipboardOwner;
class nsIWidget;

 * Native Clipboard wrapper

class nsClipboard : public nsIClipboard

  virtual ~nsClipboard();


  // nsIClipboard

  NS_IMETHOD SetInputGroup(PRInt32 aInputGroup)
    mInputGroup = aInputGroup;
    return NS_OK;

  NS_IMETHOD SetNativeClipboardData(PRInt32 aWhichClipboard);
  NS_IMETHOD GetNativeClipboardData(nsITransferable * aTransferable, 
                                    PRInt32 aWhichClipboard );
nsresult GetFormat(const char* aMimeStr, char *format );

  PRBool  mIgnoreEmptyNotification;
	inline nsITransferable *GetTransferable(PRInt32 aWhichClipboard);

  unsigned long GetFlavourTimestamp( char *type );
  nsCOMPtr<nsIClipboardOwner> mSelectionOwner;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIClipboardOwner> mGlobalOwner;
  nsCOMPtr<nsITransferable>   mSelectionTransferable;
  nsCOMPtr<nsITransferable>   mGlobalTransferable;

  // Used for communicating pasted data
  // from the asynchronous X routines back to a blocking paste:
  PRBool mBlocking;
  // Used for keeping track of the current input group
  PRInt32 mInputGroup;

#endif // nsClipboard_h__